Wishing @DynastyTVShow Alum Gordon Thomson Happy Birthday via @tdmiller820917 #ClassicDynasty

Today, March 2 is Gordon Thomson’s birthday.
In the Fall of 1982, I was a 17 year old high school senior. That fall the prime time soap Dynasty began its third season. The Season 2 cliffhanger left Blake Carrington on a literal cliff: The oil tycoon was rendered unconscious on a mountaintop following a fight with a revenge driven Dr. Nick Toscanni (James Farentino). However, Toscanni’s wrath didn’t end there. The vengeful doctor orchestrated the kidnapping of Blake’s infant grandson, Blake Carrington Colby. With the kidnapping story line, viewers discovered that there was another Carrington heir: Long lost first born son Adam Alexander Carrington (Gordon Thomson) living in Billings, Montana under the name Michael Torrance. The irony was that Adam also had been kidnapped as a baby twenty-five years earlier.
From the first moment I saw Gordon Thomson on screen he instantly became a favorite actor of mine. In these pre-Internet days, it was a challenge researching performers. Still, I succeeded in finding out about Thomson’s background in classical theatre. As a Shakespeare aficionado and lover of other classical literature, learning about Thomson’s classical training further endeared him to me.
As a teenager, I remember wishing that I could interview him about his career. This long time wish came true thirty-four years later when I had the privilege of interviewing Gordon Thomson for The Nerdy Girl Express in 2016.

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Happy Birthday Gordon Thomson via @tdmiller820917 #DynastyTvshow #Winterthorne

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

William Shakespeare

The Bard of Avon would have certainly smiled upon Gordon Thomson, a man who embraced his creative talents as an actor and allowed numerous characters to walk across the stage of life.  For a half century, Thomson has established himself in radio, stage, film, television and web series; he has used his artistic gifts and instincts to tell the stories of the many characters that he has played.
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10/27/82: Gordon Thomson Joined The Carrington Dynasty via @tdmiller820917 #GordonThomson #Dynasty

Fans thirty years ago harbored the same enthusiasm about the new season of their favorite television shows as today’s fans do. The only difference between those bygone years of the 1980s and today is that there wasn’t social media in which to share our entertainment passions with other viewers.
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Interview With #GordonThomson via @tdmiller820917 @Winterthorne1 #Dynasty

Gordon Thomson celebrated fifty years working as an actor. This is an impressive accomplishment for the theater trained, Canadian born actor who performed Shakespeare on the stage before becoming best known to television audiences as Adam Carrington in the 1980s primetime soap opera Dynasty. But Gordon Thomson has also enjoyed numerous roles in film, primetime and daytime. After Dynasty ended its network run in 1989, Gordon Thomson was cast on the daytime drama Santa Barbara as Mason Capwell.  In addition, he appeared in the webseries Devanity and Winterthorne. I recently spoke to him. Read what he had to say below.

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