5/6/87: Dynasty Finale Cliffhangers via @tdmiller820917 @terrigarber1228

On Wednesday, May 6, 1987, Dynasty ended its seventh season with a wedding as well as several characters’ lives in jeopardy.

Viewers were cordially invited to witness the wedding of Adam Alexander Carrington (Gordon Thomson) to Dana Bethany Waring (Leann Hunley).

Yet, the road towards matrimonial bliss was a thorny one for the eldest Carrington son and his future bride. There was that nagging question of whether the man who spent most of his life in Billings, Montana as Michael Torrance before coming to Denver, Colorado (following the deathbed confession of the woman he believed to be his grandmother) to reclaim his birthright, was actually Adam Carrington. Disgraced Congressman Neil McVane (Paul Burke) claimed to have proof that the real Adam Carrington died as a baby. So McVane did what any self-serving man lacking in integrity would do: he blackmailed Adam in order to force him to pass on insider trading information regarding ColbyCo Oil Company.

The weight of this secret and his guilt over betraying his mother had Adam spiraling out of control. He pushed Dana away, called off the wedding and continued his self-destructive path of heavy drinking. Fortunately, the Carringtons railed behind him and the wedding was back on. Blake Carrington and Alexis Colby (John Forsythe and Joan Collins) presented Adam with a special wedding gift: a decree of adoption. Adult adoption may be considered a rarity, but in his parents’ eyes, he would forever be their son Adam.

The wedding was back on track. Yet, the tension at the reception was as thick as the glorious multi-tiered wedding cake. Leslie Carrington (Terri Garber) had already lost the love of her life Clay Fallmont (Ted McGinley) when he left town over the revelation that they were brother and sister. They weren’t. This was just a lie told by his father Buck (Richard Anderson) who didn’t want his son involved with a Carrington. Clay’s mother Emily (Pat Crowley) had an affair with Leslie’s father Ben (Christopher Cazenove). Ben told Leslie that he would be leaving Denver after the wedding. The young woman was heartbroken over losing yet another important man in her life.

Gavin Maurier (Neil Dickson) and Dex Dexter (Michael Nader) came to blows over Alexis. Later, Dex angrily told Alexis that she was a lonely woman with nothing and no one in her life. After throwing a drink his face, she fled the mansion, and erratically drove her car off a bridge.

But the biggest shocker was when the Carrington family were held hostage at the mansion by a group led by Matthew Blaisel (Bo Hopkins), Krystle’s (Linda Evans) long presumed dead former flame.

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