Blaine Feels and #iZombie Worries from @kleffnotes

With today being iZombie day I thought I would share some of my feelings about the recent Blaine plot that has been unfolding this season. If you haven’t watched up to Pour Some Sugar, Zombie then this article will have some spoilers.  Continue reading “Blaine Feels and #iZombie Worries from @kleffnotes”

An Interview with iZombie Obsessed for the iZombie Obsessed

I had the great pleasure of being able to interview the lovely face behind iZombie Obsessed, Kirsten about what it’s like running a fan account and website. She is not only active on Twitter, @iZombieObsessed, but she has been guesting on all sorts of podcasts and Periscopes recently. She even got followed by Rose McIver this week, yes Liv herself is iZombie Obsessed too. Click the jump to learn more about one of the head zombies of the iZombie fandom. Continue reading “An Interview with iZombie Obsessed for the iZombie Obsessed”

iZombie Season 2 Premiere and Predictions

Is everyone excited? We are just hours away from the premiere of the second season of iZombie! Before we do though, I wanted to go over some possible predictions we could be seeing this season. We know the main plot point is that Max Rager wants to take out all the zombies and that Liv and friends are trying to take Max Rager down instead. Continue reading “iZombie Season 2 Premiere and Predictions”