Interview with Kaitlyn Alexander ( @realisticsay ) from @kleffnotes

In August I had the chance to attend FlameCon for the first time ever and while I could only really check out the vendor and artist area, I had the chance to chat through email with one of the guests. Kaitlyn Alexander is a very visible non-binary member of the LGBTQ+ community who you will recognize from Carmilla and their YouTube series, Couple-ish, as non-binary characters LaFontaine and Dee respectively. I greatly appreciate their giving me this opportunity to interview them about their work and their time at FlameCon. Continue reading “Interview with Kaitlyn Alexander ( @realisticsay ) from @kleffnotes”

My Kinda Recaps: Live Event and Kaitlyn Challenges ( @KindaTV_ @natvanlis @realisticsay ) from @kleffnotes

The first Wednesday of February was this week, which meant it was time for a live event on KindaTV. Natasha Negovanlis did a bunch of hilarious improv and then later in the week she did the Don’t Laugh Challenge with Kaitlyn Alexander. I recap all their content, plus the challenge video Kaitlyn did with Natasha for their channel in this week’s My Kinda Recaps. Continue reading “My Kinda Recaps: Live Event and Kaitlyn Challenges ( @KindaTV_ @natvanlis @realisticsay ) from @kleffnotes”