#BoldandBeautiful Is Hope & Liam’s Baby Alive? Will Taylor Uncover the Truth? via @stacyamiller85 @TheHunterTylo @WayneBrady @BandB_CBS

On The Bold and The Beautiful, does Taylor (Hunter Tylo) hold the key to helping Hope (Annika Noelle) and Liam (Scott Clifton) with the loss of their daughter?

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@StitchersTV Recap: The Guest from @kleffnotes

This week’s Stitchers was a bit different than previous episodes. Instead of following a traditional chronological timeline, the plot instead started at almost the end of the case with Kirsten telling the story in flashbacks. At the end of last week’s episode we learned that Ivy wanted to meet Kirsten and when they meet this week she wants to know all about what Kirsten does and what their father’s work has to do with it. To help explain what she does with the NSA, she can’t just come out and say she stitches into dead people, Kirsten uses their most recent investigation as a way to explain it. Continue reading “@StitchersTV Recap: The Guest from @kleffnotes”

@StitchersTV Recap: Red Eye from @kleffnotes

You’ve heard of snakes on a plane, but have you heard of stitches on a plane? I bet not! This week the Stitch Squad found themselves dealing with a dozen murders in a dozy of a mystery that took place on a plane landing at LAX. For no obvious reason 12 people just stopped being alive and this kind of case is something only the lab can handle.¬† Continue reading “@StitchersTV Recap: Red Eye from @kleffnotes”

@StitchersTV Recap: Pretty Little Lawyers from @kleffnotes

Lying, cheating, and scheming were all pivotal elements in this week’s Stitchers. You see things get exceptionally difficult when lawyers are involved, especially when you can’t tell them where you are getting your evidence from. From the minds of dead people, doesn’t really have a legal ring to it. Continue reading “@StitchersTV Recap: Pretty Little Lawyers from @kleffnotes”