On #BoldandBeautiful Will Thomas’ Latest Manipulation Win Him Hope? via @stacyamiller85 @BandB_CBS @JMattAtkinson @KiaraBarnes_ #AnnikaNoelle #HenryJosephSamiri

On The Bold and The Beautiful, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is focused, more like laser focused on winning his prize: Hope (Annika Noelle).

Thomas is willing to use anyone even his own son Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri). But that’s nothing new. He’s used Douglas in the past when he tried to convince him to keep the truth Beth was alive a secret. But smart little boy that he is, Douglas knew lying was wrong and became the hero of the story when he revealed to Hope and Liam (Scott Clifton) “Baby Beth is alive.”

Down but not out, Thomas continued manipulating Hope through her desire to be Douglas’ mother. Obstacles like Liam and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) whispering in Hope’s ear about what a bad person he is won’t deter Thomas from achieving his goal. He knows he has an ally in dad. Ridge (Thornsten Kaye) believes his son has changed and wants to make amends for his past mistakes. His support of Thomas found Brooke and Ridge on opposite sides and wrecked their marriage.

Liam vowed he’d do anything to protect Hope and help her see through Thomas’ deceit. He convinced Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to hire Zoe (Kiara Barnes) back at Forrester Creations as their spy to learn whether Thomas’ claim he’s moved on from Hope is sincere. But true to daytime soap fashion (no pun intended), Zoe fell in love with Thomas and she’s unable to see through his lies.

As the promo below shows, Thomas has up the ante by playing on Douglas’ fear that Zoe will replace Hope as his (Douglas) mother. Will this latest manipulation work?

Don’t miss one exciting moment!

The Bold and The Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

Photos and Videos Courtesy of The Bold and The Beautiful Official Twitter.

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