#BoldandBeautiful ‘s Liam Faces Tough Decision: Hope or Steffy? Part 2: Hope’s Ultimatum via @stacyamiller85 @CliftonsNotes @BandB_CBS

What if you loved two women and both were the mother of your child, who would you choose to spend your life with?

When The Bold and the Beautiful’s Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) divorced Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and married Hope (Annika Noelle), who would have thought that the two women could reach an understanding. Despite the fact that they both loved Liam and were the mothers of his daughters (Steffy to baby Kelly and Hope to Liam’s unborn baby girl), the former and current Mrs. Spencers decided they would have a blended family were they’d raise their little girls as sisters.  This was very mature and appeared to be working.

That is until Liam told wife Hope that Steffy’s mother Taylor (Hunter Tylo) was the one who had shot his father Bill Spencer. Hope was not only shocked but fearful as she worried about Taylor’s mental state…could Dr. Hayes lose it again and resort to violence against someone she deemed a threat against her family? Taylor has a long resentment of the Logan women, in particular Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) who she feels took Ridge (Thornsten Kaye) away from her and destroyed her happy family. Taylor now sees Hope as doing the same to Steffy.

When Hope revealed to Brooke that it was Taylor who’d shot Bill, mother and daughter rallied together to ensure that Taylor wouldn’t endanger the lives of two innocent children, namely Hope and Steffy’s daughters.

But now that Steffy has decided to allow Taylor to move in with her where her mother will have access to Kelly, things have changed between Hope and Steffy. Their pact to raise their daughters as sisters is now in jeopardy as Hope refused to allow Taylor anywhere near her daughter. Mrs. Spencer looked towards her husband for Liam to back her up.  But Liam seemed to be supporting Steffy by encouraging Hope to show Taylor some compassion and support. Hope however saw this as the unsevered bond between Liam and Steffy and issued an ultimatum: Who did Liam want to spend the rest of his life with she or Steffy?

Liam thought he’d already answered this question when he married Hope.  But is there more to his agreeing with Steffy?  Is Hope right…does Liam want to be with Steffy?

How will he answer Hope’s question?

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