Daughters of the Lake Audible Review ( @audible_com ) from @kleffnotes

After suffering a heart wrenching break up, which is leading to divorce from her husband, Kate Granger has returned to her family’s home on the shores of Lake Superior. While trying to find a way to put herself back together Kate’s life takes a further turn when the body of a young woman with a baby tucked in the folds of a dress that appears to be from another time, washes ashore. As she become immersed in the case Kate finds herself having strange and possibly supernatural experiences in Daughters of the Lake.

Wendy Webb has created a story that blends together two separate love stories within a rich history of two families that lived near Lake Superior. Initially these stories seem more disparate than they truly are. A seemingly magical family that feels connected to the waters of Lake Superior is presented and the birth of a baby within the water creates a jarring introduction to the life of Addie. The reason that we are seeing glimpses of this woman’s childhood and later life is not just through flashback chapters, but also through strange dreams that Kate has begun to experience after seeing the body in the lake. Her dreams do not seem out of place in a story that is rich with hidden supernatural elements. Ghosts appear, but Kate does not know that they are there, though she does feel their presence around her. The more Kate focuses on trying to determine what happened to the woman and her baby the more she falls into dreams full of Addie.

Daughters of the Lake is beautifully performed by Xe Sands. She is able to make the supernatural story full of love and loss feel so richly emotional. Her voice varies for each and every character and she is able to present various ages of Addie with ease. One of the most captivating scenes occurs when Kate suddenly feels preternaturally cold. Sands allows her teeth to chatter and you can vividly image a woman shaking and trying desperately to keep warm. Kate’s focus on the woman in her dreams draws you in and will keep you floating along with her as she wades through the murkiness of what is real within her dreams. The story itself will have you entranced throughout, but by listening to it performed by Sands you are gaining the additional benefit of having someone bring the words fully to life. You can find Daughters of the Lake on Audible today.

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