Seven Sisters and a Brother Book Review from @kleffnotes

Seven Sisters and a Brother is a read that celebrates the heart of a sit-in that protested decreased enrollment and hiring of African Americans at Swarthmore College in 1969. This book is written by the former students who actually took part in this event and examines these events autobiographically. This is the perfect book to celebrate Black History month and will teach readers about the power of coming together to make a difference.

Providing a unique cross-section of the lives of those who took part in trying to change Swarthmore College over the eight-day sit-in that pushed the school to become more inclusive. This narrative is long overdue and highlights the events that have only recently been brought to the forefront. Through this story the authors provide details about their own lives as well as their friendship and the out-of-the-box alliances that rose in their commitment to remaining resilient in the face of adversity. You will not only learn about the lives of young people during the Civil Rights era, but will also see the power that can bring about change to even established institutions and how identifying fears and pushing forward with a commitment to truth can help to bring about positive change for the future.

This book breaks down the events of the sit-in beginning with Day Zero and moving forward, with interludes provides for the 8 participants who are being focused on. They each are able to provide their own insight and knowledge to the story and highlight how they came to be there. What I loved most admittedly was the inclusion of pictures. Being able to see the lives of the people who were sharing their stories adds a personal element that uplifts the work. I found myself caught up the story and proud to hear of the extreme acts of perseverance and strength that arose in this sit-in. If you are curious at all about the Civil Rights era or enjoy learning about less well-known elements of history this is a perfect book to delve into. You can get your copy of Seven Sisters and a Brother today.

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