Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle Meet Spring Heel’d Jack

The latest episode of Houdini and Doyle dealt with murders connected to the figure Spring Heel’d Jack from English legend. This video gives a brief history of this murderous being and some connections between this Jack and Jack the Ripper. Who knows, maybe will get to see that saucy man before the season is out. Continue reading “Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle Meet Spring Heel’d Jack”

Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle 2 from @kleffnotes

Criminal behavior, reincarnation, and suffragettes in my latest Houdini and Doyle inspired Pop Culture Kleffnotes video. I give you plenty of fun cocktail party style factoids you can use to look extra fancy. Continue reading “Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle 2 from @kleffnotes”

Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle 1 from @kleffnotes

Houdini and Doyle premiered last night with a case that was full of murder, ghosts, and more than one daring underwater escape. Instead of a recap I decided to do things a little bit differently. I made a video full of Houdini and Doyle related tidbits that can be watched by anyone, even if you haven’t seen any of the series yet. Continue reading “Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle 1 from @kleffnotes”