My Kinda Recaps: @snafutheseries on @KindaTV_ ( @chloecsanders ) from @kleffnotes

What do assassins, mixed drinks, and nihilists all have in common? Well, they all appear in the very funny web series Snafu on KindaTV. Check out my recap of the series in my latest My Kinda Recaps. Continue reading “My Kinda Recaps: @snafutheseries on @KindaTV_ ( @chloecsanders ) from @kleffnotes”

My Kinda Recaps: @MsLabelledShow Season One on @KindaTV from @kleffnotes

This week’s My Kinda Recaps video focuses on the first season of the KindaTV show MsLabelled. If you’re looking for a new web series to get interested in or want to relive the dramatic and fashion filled first season you should definitely check this video out. Continue reading “My Kinda Recaps: @MsLabelledShow Season One on @KindaTV from @kleffnotes”

My Kinda Recaps: All of @A4OSeries on @KindaTV from @kleffnotes

With no new web series starting on KindaTV this week I thought I would devote a video to recapping the amazing first season of All For One. If you are missing the show, you can relive some of your favorite moments or if you are looking for an amazing web series, learn all about this one in my speediest recap video yet. Continue reading “My Kinda Recaps: All of @A4OSeries on @KindaTV from @kleffnotes”