Interview with @EmPiggford from @Killjoys and @TMDJ_Series with @kleffnotes

I had the amazing opportunity to chat with the very talented Emily Piggford. She starred in the second season of a webseries I adored, That’s My DJ, and was recently announced as a new cast member for the third season of the immensely popular sci-fi series, Killjoys. I’d like to thank her again for speaking with me and I can’t wait to see her in Killjoys, which starts June 30th on Syfy and Space.
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Fangirl Freakouts: @TMDJ_Series from @kleffnotes ( @heydw_x @EmPiggford @JadeHassoune @TheBruun )

This week’s Fangirl Freakouts is focused on the award winning webseries, That’s My DJ from D.W. Waterson. Only the second season is available online right now and I delve into all the details for you right here. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: @TMDJ_Series from @kleffnotes ( @heydw_x @EmPiggford @JadeHassoune @TheBruun )”