Interview #Supernatural ‘s Jesse (The Chitters) @LeeRumohr via @tdmiller820917 @cw_spn

Lee Rumohr is a talented actor with an impressive resume on numerous television shows. Rumohr endeared himself to fans of The CW’s long running show Supernatural as Jesse in the Season 11 episode “The Chitters”. Jesse balanced his lifelong quest to avenge the death of his brother with his commitment as a hunter.  Rumohr’s  stellar performance added emotional depth to Jesse. Despite his one episode guest appearance, Supernatural fans have been very vocal in their desire to see Rumohr and Hugo Ateo (who played Jesse’s partner Cesar) return to the show. These “hunter husbands” are currently happily retired to a horse farm in New Mexico. But as fans know, happily ever after  doesn’t really exist on Supernatural.
I recently spoke to Lee Rumohr about acting, his experiences working on Supernatural and his passion for photography. Read what he had to say below.

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@LeeRumohr & @HugoAteo are outstanding in The Chitters via @tdmiller820917

The CW’s long running show Supernatural has been on the air for eleven seasons. The show takes viewers on the road so far with heroic brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). The Winchesters save people and hunt things; it’s the family business. For more than a decade, viewers have witnessed the brothers hunt ghosts, witches, angels, demons as well as a slew of other supernatural creatures. They have even battled Lucifer. Their latest challenge is confronting the powerful entity known as The Darkness.
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