@LeeRumohr & @HugoAteo are outstanding in The Chitters via @tdmiller820917

The CW’s long running show Supernatural has been on the air for eleven seasons. The show takes viewers on the road so far with heroic brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). The Winchesters save people and hunt things; it’s the family business. For more than a decade, viewers have witnessed the brothers hunt ghosts, witches, angels, demons as well as a slew of other supernatural creatures. They have even battled Lucifer. Their latest challenge is confronting the powerful entity known as The Darkness.

The credit for Supernatural’s longevity should be given to the talents of its actors, producers, directors, writers and crew.  Each of these individuals have earned the accolades and viewer loyalty.

In addition, the casting on the show is incredible. Guest actors enrich the fabric of Supernatural.  Recent guest stars Lee Rumohr and Hugh Ateo were outstanding in the episode The Chitters.  Rumohr and Ateo starred as Jesse and Cesar, hunters and partners who assisted the Winchesters in fighting green eyed supernatural creatures (the bisaans) that appeared every 27 years with a goal of reproducing.  Jesse’s mission was personal. His older brother went missing when he was a kid.  Family tragedy is often the compelling motivation that guides people on the path towards becoming hunters.

With Jesse and Cesar, viewers were privy to men balancing their relationship against the unforgiving demands of the hunting lifestyle. The wonderful thing about Rumohr and Ateo’s acting is that their portrayals were strong, yet beautifully understated when the scene called for it. Jesse and Cesar argue (like all couples), but there is also a solid foundation of love and respect. They are a touchstone for each other.

Despite the intensity in the episode, viewers did learn that Jesse and Cesar will get their happy ever after as they retire from hunting and raise horses. Hunters living happily ever after? Who knew that this was even possible on Supernatural!

I applaud Lee Rumohr and Hugo Ateo’s stellar performances. Here’s hoping that the powers that be can find a way to bring back these talented actors in Season 12.

One thought on “@LeeRumohr & @HugoAteo are outstanding in The Chitters via @tdmiller820917

  1. Hugo Ateo is also fabulous in Siren, his understated body language and expressions are perfect for “Sargefish”, one of the mermen. More of this guy!


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