#NationalScienceFictionDay Vote Favorite Sci Fi TV Series via @stacyamiller85 #StarTrek #DrWho #Firefly

In honor of National Science Fiction Day, The Nerdy Girl Express has a question: What is your Favorite Sci Fi Television Show?

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#TheXFiles Episode 2: Founders Mutation

For the second night in a row, America was gifted with a new X-Files episode. This one was called Founders Mutation, and it brought us back to the heart of the X-Files. Where Mulder and Scully shine best trying to save innocent people who cannot help the situation they’re in. It also shined a light onto Mulder and Scully’s hearts and it was heartbreaking.

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#TheXFiles Episode 1 and Why It’s Meant to be Confusing

As the Nerdy Girl Express has noted before, we have been beyond excited for the return of the X-Files. Last night it finally happened, but not before FOX must have been taken over by the government and aliens; which is the only explanation I can come up with to their terrible handling of the show’s premiere. Continue reading “#TheXFiles Episode 1 and Why It’s Meant to be Confusing”