Safe Travels After @ClexaCon 2019 from @kleffnotes

ClexaCon 2019 has drawn to a close and now is the time to get everything together and head back to your life away from The Tropicana. I have some quick suggestions and tips for your travels away from Sin City, that is unless you live in Las Vegas in which case I’m guessing you are having a pretty quick trip. Get your toiletries together and get ready for your plane, train, automobile, or however else you are heading out of town. Continue reading “Safe Travels After @ClexaCon 2019 from @kleffnotes”

Addicted to Americana Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you love the warm glow of neon? Do you wish you could drive a car with fins down historic Route 66? Then Addicted to Americana by Charles Phoenix is the perfect read for you! As someone who loves the kitschy retro futurism of the 1950’s and 60’s I was excited to read through this picture packed celebration of American life. Continue reading “Addicted to Americana Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Why LA, Pourquoi Paris? by @Diane_Ratican Review from @kleffnotes

I have recently been trying to experience more of the world and while I have begun traveling more I will forever be a bit of an armchair explorer. I find myself drawn to books that let me immerse myself in another place. Reading Why LA, Pourquoi Paris?, written by Diane Ratican and beautifully illustrated by Eric Giriat and Nick Lu, allowed me to visit not one, but two cities from the comfort of my own home. Continue reading “Why LA, Pourquoi Paris? by @Diane_Ratican Review from @kleffnotes”