‘Spank the Zombie’ Episode Review via @quietlikeastorm #iZombie

We seriously needed a safe word for this episode it gave us all so many feels! Read on for more about what happened during last weeks iZombie episode.

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What’s On My Pull List from @kleffnotes

As the resident comic book reviewer on The Nerdy Girl Express I thought I would share what is on my pull list at my local comic book store so that people can see what I’m reading. I will say in advance that it is pretty DC heavy, what can I say I love Batman and the characters from his universe. I’ll link each title so that you can check out more about each series and get details on their release schedules. Also shout out to Alter Ego Comics in Lima, Ohio, whose logo I used for this article header and where I get all my pulls. Continue reading “What’s On My Pull List from @kleffnotes”