‘Spank the Zombie’ Episode Review via @quietlikeastorm #iZombie

We seriously needed a safe word for this episode it gave us all so many feels! Read on for more about what happened during last weeks iZombie episode.

While this episode had the same formula most iZombie episodes have, there were some big things going on that has changed the show, possibly irrevocably.

Our murder of the week this time was a woman who went by the name, ‘Sweet Lady Pain’ for work. She was a dominatrix and we found out not only how fun that can be through Liv, but also that she had all sorts of interesting clients.


Weatherman Johnny Frost didn’t predict Liv seeing this!


At first it looked as if we weren’t going to see Liv on dominatrix brain as that is the blue brain Ravi had been using for his memory experiment. (@kleffnotes pointed out that the sneaky, sneaky writers put in the joke of it being a blue brain, as blue films used to be the adult kind) They decide to try it though and afterwards we find out that Ravi’s science experiment is definitely going somewhere. Liv not only sees the memories more clearly, but they are also stronger and last longer. Suck it Viagra.

It’s even noted on how strong Liv’s visions are by others, including Clive and Vivian. Will Liv want to sing the blues all the time and have all her brains like this now? It might be a good idea. And does this mean that Ravi is close to curing the zombie amnesia side effect the cure had on Blaine?

A final note on dominatrix Liv, but her telling men they’re pathetic while wearing black leather is my new aesthetic. Just sayin’.

The brain of the week really wasn’t the center point of the episode, even though blue brain is important. The major thing going on, was Major finally being out of time.

We see him get stabbed a bunch of times by an enemy combatant (as he is still working as a contracted merc for Vivian and Fillmore Graves) and later his coughing gets even worse. At one point we even see the episode turn into ER: iZombie edition, when Major’s new friend brings him into the morgue for help and we see Liv’s medical training come out. They’re able to save him for now, but he only has hours left and there is still no cure for the amnesia.

But soon time runs out. There is no choice now. Major will have to take the cure and forget everything or die (again-ish). Everyone starts to say their goodbyes. I was expecting the emotions between Ravi and Major. I’ve really enjoyed their friendship/bromance and seeing them have to part after everything they’ve been through is so sad. Especially right now when Ravi is hurting over Peyton and he is losing one of his best friends.

What was unexpected, for me, was the gut punch that was Liv and Major’s goodbyes to each other. I have been vocal about my very meh attitude towards Liv and Major being together. I think as they are now are very different places and they are very different people and it just hasn’t worked out. But that old love came through and I see now why they both kept holding on to the other even when it was wrong to do so.

Major telling Liv that the one silver lining to forgetting everything will be how he gets to experience Liv knocking his socks off all over again. Like damn Major, if you had started season one with that, I would have been rooting for you guys since then.

The two have one last night of passion together and then Ravi administers the cure and they wait, as do we.




I have a lot of feelings about Major losing his memories. In one way I see how bad it is. Losing that in general would be horrible for anyone. That sense of loss and not knowing and ‘what am I missing? I should know.’ He’s forgetting all of his friends and as we have had zero mention of any family, I think Major’s friends are his family. He’s forgetting all the things he’s fought for, he’s forgetting Natalie, he’s forgetting what he thought about zombies, the good and the bad.

Then I think there might be some good to forgetting. No one can deny that Major’s life since season one began, has been beyond rough. Major is going to forget all the hard times, like his at risk kids going missing only to find out they were preyed upon and eaten for profit. He’s going to forget the heartbreak of not understanding why his fiancé turned him away and having to start over. He’s going to forget the guilt of being the chaos killer and also the public shame as his identity came out.

So which is better? Remembering or forgetting for Major at this point in his life? Will forgetting endanger him more? How will Liv and the others explain to Vivian why Major isn’t working for them anymore and if they meet him, why he doesn’t remember them. Zombies are still few and far between, so one dropping off the radar suddenly is going to bring unwanted attention. To him, to Liv, to Clive, and to Ravi. The latter two being only human and very vulnerable because of it.

Will Major and Blaine start the ‘Formerly a Zombie, But I Don’t Remember It’ club? We’ve already started to see how old Blaine’s life is affecting the new life he is creating for himself, and I have no doubt some of that will also happen to Major. Not to mention Major’s soldier friend will have to be told the entire truth, and he will have to decide whether to keep that a secret or blow the whistle. Would Liv allow him to do that?

Major being cured has opened up so many questions! All this to go along with the Blaine drama, the Blaine/Peyton/Ravi drama, Fillmore Graves drama, and more (drama that is). And I can’t help but wonder what if Major does start remembering on his own? Then we’ll know for sure if Blaine is as well and whether he’s been lying this entire time.

I can’t wait for the next episode of iZombie (Tuesdays at 9:00pm/et on the CW) to come out so we can see what’s happening. As always watch out for our weekly episode reviews from me, @quietlikeastorm, previews by @stacyamiller, and @kleffnotes brain inspired recipes of the week and her interview with co-creator and EP Diane Ruggiero-Wright! Seriously we love iZombie around here and you should too! It’s an amazing show and its last week of .32 should be much higher. iZombie does increase every week overall when the 7 day ratings come through, but I want iZombie to dominate! So make sure to watch when it airs, watch on the CW app, watch, watch, watch!


Sometimes I really miss Clive’s turtlenecks, but the other weeks painted on blue sweater and this episodes ice cream man outfit? I’m feeling it!



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