“I’m Mary Poppins Y’all!” a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review (No Spoilers) via @quietlikeastorm #gotg2 #Iamgroot

I was lucky a couple days ago when my schedule opened up and I was able to go and see the latest marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, in 3D. I had really enjoyed the first one, but admittedly was a bit apprehensive for the second installment. Sequels are almost never as good/funny as the original and the first GotG was both. How did the second volume stack up? Read on below to find out. Also no spoilers except a few pics, very general impressions about the characters and what happened to them during the film. Don’t be a trash panda and skip this because of that-read it anyways!

Gotg2 starts off not long after the first one ended and our ragtag group is right in the thick of things from the start and still making a mess of it. I was happy to see that they hadn’t decided to go all brooding and edgy for this movie as many superhero ones are doing (Yes marvel too, looking at you civil war-but that’s a whole different article).

You’ll find that everyone in gotg2 has their own agenda going on. Even the bad guys, and there are many of them. I really liked that and how they were able to fit in each characters goings on and growth without making it feel forced into the story.

Rocket really had a lot on his plate this movie and went through so many things. It was a true emotional journey for him and the movie goer. Loyalty, betrayal, friendship, damage, loneliness, he went through a gamete of emotions and I have to give kudos to the MCU for being able make a CGI raccoon with a rocket so very humanly flawed and perfect.


I found the new friendship between Drax and Mantis so interesting. He is the epitome of physical strength and endurance, while she is his equal but opposite on the emotional spectrum instead. Not only does this duo make for some of the best lines throughout the movie, but I think they complete each other in a way. They are both so alone in their own ways, that finding each other really made for great movie watching.

This movie also brings in a subplot from the first movie over Peter Quill/Starlord’s paternal parentage. It’s really the biggest plot this time around and seeing that continuity and how it developed not only Peter but the rest of the group was exciting. Daddy issues seems to be Marvel’s best plot device, and they use it expertly in this volume of gotg.

I found the most exciting game changers were both bad guys from the first movie. Nebula and Gamora’s relationship this time around is just as violent and volatile as before, but there’s more. You’ll have to watch and see, but seeing them have scenes alone with each other and speaking about more than ‘the love interest’ was amazing and made my jaded little heart slightly less so. Also they are both just so badass.

Gamora and Peter also have more going on as was hinted in the first movie, but you’ll just have to watch to find out about that.


The other villain I was talking about before, is Yondu. That traitorous ravager, is well, still a traitorous ravager, but his life has very, very much changed since last time we saw him. But he’s a little older, a little wiser this time around and you can find out for yourself if that’s for good or bad. Just know, he made me cry during this movie. Twice.

As many of you probably know from previous articles and sneak peeks of this movie we have a newcomer into the galaxy. Kurt Russell shows up with a bang and some amazing hair and this movie wouldn’t be half as good without him being in it. I wish I could go in depth about his character and the motives and why and how’s, but that would be spoiler city, so trust me when I tell you to pay attention when he’s on screen.

Last but not least is Groot. Or rather baby Groot. I really wondered how they would incorporate a tiny, baby, Groot to be productive in the movie and not just a running joke. But he is vital to the group as a whole and the plot too. At least twice he is needed to save the day and only Groot is able to do so. In a way he’s a different character from the first. He’s much more impulsive and less wise. Still though he’s loyal, and willing to do what needed no matter what and that is always Groot, no matter the form. Groot is also very much loved within the group. They never say it outright, but it’s in all their actions with him. Also he is just so adorable.

Overall the plot was really well done and tight. There weren’t any huge plot holes that stuck out to me. A couple of the things that happened I could see was going to before, but it did nothing to lessen my enjoyment of the movie. People, including myself, were laughing loudly in the theater because it was still a funny movie that didn’t take itself too seriously. Finally in case anyone was wondering, the soundtrack is just as kick ass as before and you should go ahead and buy it asap.


Finally, there were a few hints to what will be happening throughout MCU movies in the future, including the next GotG. There were not any extra scenes after the credits. But there were about six during the credits. So watch out for those!

Have you watched GotG vol. 2 yet? What did you think about it? Come tell me and we can talk about all the spoilers on my personal twitter, @quietlikeastorm. Also make sure to follow us on here and on twitter, @thenerdygirlexp.



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