#Selfless Movie Overview

Some opportunities shouldn’t be taken. They are always consequences to every decision you make. What happens when you make a choice and you’re not ready for the consequences?

Recently I watched the movie Self/Less starring Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds. The movie wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t that greatest either. The action scenes were pretty well done, they kept me entertained.

It starts off with an old wealthy business tycoon, Damian Hale, finding out he has less than six months to live because cancer is eating his body up. He meets a doctor that gives him a new hope through a medical procedure called shedding. Shedding is a process where your consciousness is transferred to a healthy body. The doctor explains how he has grown these bodies in a test tube especially for this procedure. Only a handful of people are chosen to participate.


Once the procedure is over, Damian awakens in his new body with a new identity, Edward. The doctor explains that Edward must now take medication daily to make sure the new body takes. Edward begins ┬áhis new life in New Orleans. Things seem to be going good until he’s plagued with crazy images of people and places. As Damian dives into where Edward came from, he learns there are some secrets people will kill to keep.


Every opportunity has a price.

The plot was rather simple. I think they could have gotten way more into it, explored more possibilities. The movie ran about an hour and forty five minutes. The ending was well done. It was worth the watch, although predictable

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