Do They Have a Frequent Viewer Card for @deadpoolmovie I Can Get? from @kleffnotes

Yes, I have now seen the Deadpool movie three times and every time I have gone I have had an amazing time. Now you might be thinking, Katherine isn’t going to see a movie three times in theaters a bit extreme? And to that I say heck no! I could use some slightly more colorful language, but I’m not going to do an R rated article, at least not today. Now this is all about why seeing Deadpool in theaters more than once has been more than worth it and why I would totally go again. Continue reading “Do They Have a Frequent Viewer Card for @deadpoolmovie I Can Get? from @kleffnotes”

Deadpool Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Grab your chimichangas, your stabbiest swords, and get comfy because we are here to talk about the Deadpool movie. Quick aside, don’t take stabby things to the theater, it’s not okay, and they might frown on you bringing in your own food, but shhhhh, you should be reading this review not in your movie theater. Now read my mercenary loving friends, read! Oh and no spoilers, promise, because spoilers are more evil than British bad guys (tiny hint at plot things). Continue reading “Deadpool Movie Review from @kleffnotes”