Do They Have a Frequent Viewer Card for @deadpoolmovie I Can Get? from @kleffnotes

Yes, I have now seen the Deadpool movie three times and every time I have gone I have had an amazing time. Now you might be thinking, Katherine isn’t going to see a movie three times in theaters a bit extreme? And to that I say heck no! I could use some slightly more colorful language, but I’m not going to do an R rated article, at least not today. Now this is all about why seeing Deadpool in theaters more than once has been more than worth it and why I would totally go again.

The first time I went was on opening night, and I wrote a review as soon as I got home. Seeing it the first time was just so much fun, I was excited and had been anticipating the movie for months. My brother and I had been planning the night and even made sure we both could go on the same night. When we got there we were just freaking out the entire time and being part of the first night was so amazing. The audience was hyped up, there were some cosplays, and people were just so animated.

deadpool gasp

I went again during the first weekend with a friend and the second watch helped me catch things I missed while I was laughing too hard during the first watch. I also had done some research and knew some things I should pay attention for that I missed the first time. I even got to see a group of my friends heading into the theater and feel their previewing excitement.

deadpool cute

Then last night I went back because my sister decided that she wanted to see what everyone was so excited about. I sat next to her and got to listen to her laugh at some of my favorite parts and being able to be a part of someone’s first watch of the movie made it so much fun. I also got to hear her react to the Ryan Reynolds references, which was wonderful. This time I got to geek out about some of my favorite lines, and yes I did some reciting, I was quiet I promise.

deadpool thing

Random note, so I totally didn’t know that my theater did this, but after opening weekend they cut some of the previews from the reel. When I went the first two times I saw X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Brothers Grimsby, Suicide Squad, Captain American: Civil War, and 10 Cloverfield Lane. Last night though they only showed X-Men, Captain American, Suicide Squad, and Cloverfield. Do most theaters do that and I just never realized it?

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