6 Things We Learned From Watching A Very #Supernatural Christmas @jarpad @JensenAckles #SPN

Do hunters ever get to relax and celebrate Christmas with their families?  After all, monsters and evil don’t take a break for holidays.  A hunter needs to be ready at all times to protect the innocent. When it’s Christmas with Sam and Dean Winchester, you never know what to expect.  Here are 6 things we learned from watching A Very Supernatural Christmas:

6. Never take peanut brittle from a sweet Ozzie and Harriet looking couple.  They may turn out to be Pagan Gods who will want to eat you later.

images (2)

5.  Sam and Dean do not know the words to Silent Night. It’s true. Round the table? Really Sam, you and Jessica never sang Christmas carols when you were together at Stanford?

images (7)

4.  Air fresheners make great holiday ornaments. Extra perk? They leave your motel room tree smelling pine fresh.

images (3)

3.  Pagan Gods don’t like curse words.  It’s okay to eat people but a no no for a Pagan God to swear.

images (9)

2.   Spiked egg nog is really strong for Dean but it’s okay for Sam.  It’s funny how Dean who loves to drink more than Sam made a face when he drank Sam’s egg nog but it was fine for Sam.

images (8)

1. Celebrating Christmas in a motel room is not that bad when you’re with family. Plus, Quik-E-Mart items make great Christmas presents.

images (11)

images (10)

What did you learn from watching A Very Supernatural Christmas?  Sound off in the comments below or on twitter to @thenerdygirlexp or @stacyamiller85

Merry Christmas Supernatural fans!




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