Blast From The #Supernatural Past: 4 Best Things About A Very Supernatural Christmas @jarpad @JensenAckles @cw_spn #SPN

Since its original airing on December 13, 2007, I’ve had a tradition every year on December 24 to watch A Very Supernatural Christmas.  I’m sure viewers who like this Supernatural episode have their own opinion on what they feel the best things about it are, but here are mine:

4. A Special Presentation.  I love that even with the seriousness of Sam and Dean hunting evil and monsters, Supernatural always offered throwbacks to the past. From the classic rock and the Winchesters talking about old television shows and movies to ‘A Special Presentation’ shown at the opening of the episode.If you watched television in the 1970’s and 1980’s like me, you are familiar with this title card that was shown during special airings. Nice Supernatural.

And the episode title card was a great way of showing how special this episode was going to be!

3.  Lighthearted humorous moments.  Sam’s response “Thanks Dean, thanks for that” after the elf volunteer’s “Eew” and Dean’s shaking his head when a child-less Sam said “We came here to watch.” I love the teasing of little brother by Dean.

And Sam and Dean’s funny lyrics to “Silent Night.” They may not know the words, but I doubt whether anyone would have a problem with these guys singing them Christmas carols!

2.  Young Sam and Dean celebrating Christmas.  When Sam learned the truth that his dad didn’t “sell stuff” but hunted monsters, the boy was fearful that John would meet the same fate as his mom. In order to cheer his little brother up, Dean stole presents from “the nice house up the block” but didn’t know they were “chick presents.” It didn’t matter, Sam knew his brother loved him and was the only one who told him the truth. So, Little Sammy gives Dean the gift he had for their father: the amulet. Dean wore the necklace into adulthood and cherished the gift from his brother (until the Season 5 episode “Dark Side of the Moon” but that’s another story).

1. Sam and Dean have a very Merry Brotherly Christmas. The best thing about A Very Supernatural Christmas in my opinion was towards the end of the episode when Sam decorated their motel room for Christmas as a surprise for Dean. Knowing that because of his deal to sell his soul, Dean would be dead that time next year, Sam was reluctant to have Christmas. But seeing how much Dean wanted it and remembering how his big brother had attempted to make the holiday special for him, Sam changed his mind. Exchanging Gas Mart presents, drinking spiked egg nog and watching a football game was the best Christmas Sam and Dean could ever have because they were together and that was enough.

What were the best things you liked about A Very Supernatural Christmas?  Sound off in the comments below or on twitter to @thenerdygirlexp or @stacyamiller85

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