Creed- Pass The Torch

Sometimes you come across a movie that really takes you by surprise. Sometimes a movie can really move you. Sometimes a movie can bring you to tears with a smile on your face. I saw that movie last night. Creed stars Sylvester Stallone in his most famous role Rocky Balboa, Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson/Creed, and Tessa Thompson as Bianca.


This story follows Apollo Creed’s youngest son Adonis, who goes by Donny. Donny never knew his boxing champ father, he died before Donny was born, but boy, is boxing in his blood. Donny risks it all and moves to Philly to find Rocky Balboa. He asks the former champ if he could train him. After saying no quite a few times, Rocky sees Apollo in Donny and agrees to train and mentor him. With Rocky’s help, Donny quickly gets a title shot. As Donny prepares for his biggest fight, Rocky prepares for an even deadlier opponent. Does Donny have the true heart of a fighter? Find out when you see Creed.


I loved this movie, I mean really loved this movie. The torch has been passed successfully! Yes, this is a boxing movie, but it is so much more. This movie is about finding yourself. Believing in yourself. Stepping out of the shadow. Facing your fears. Reaching your potential. Family. Friendship.

Seeing Rocky again was awesome, Stallone did a great job reprising the role. Michael B. Jordan was amazing, he did Apollo’s legacy justice, and really made this role, this movie his own. This movie was so very well done.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Rocky movies, I’d recommend you give Creed a watch. It’s so much more than just a boxing movie.

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