Yoga Hosers is Going to Sundance from @kleffnotes

If you are a fan of Kevin Smith I’ve got some exciting news for you. His newest installment in the True North trilogy, Yoga Hosers, will be released at Sundance this month. Now if you are like me and won’t be able to go to Sundance, don’t worry, this is still good news. It means that you have something to look forward to and at least one movie you can watch before Yoga Hosers makes it to a format that you can see.

The first movie in this trilogy, Tusk, might be all about a man obsessed with walruses, in a kind of creepy Frankenstein style way, but it also introduced us to the main characters in this second installment. Now I liked Tusk, it was pretty intense and parts of it super freaked me out, but overall it was a really interesting movie. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before in the horror genre. Yoga Hosers is still horror, but is all about two convenience store clerks, both named Colleen, who wind up using their yoga skills to fight off an onslaught of evil that’s threatening to put a stop to their party plans.

yoga hosers 2

As the clerks in Tusk Harley Quinn Smith, Kevin Smith’s actual daughter, and Lily-Rose Melody Depp, Johnny Depp’s daughter, were great and it’ll be fun to see them do more than just give customers a hard time at a gas station. Johnny Depp will also be back as the same character he played in Tusk, the sort of oblivious detective Guy Lapointe. Other actors from Tusk will also be back, but as brand new characters.If you haven’t watched Tusk yet you should check it out, it’s not like any of Kevin Smith’s other movies. The walrus suit is pretty gross, it creeps me out just thinking about it, but if you like horror you definitely need to get into this series.

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