#Wentworth Profile – Who is Vera Bennett? via @stacyamiller85

Sometimes being a good daughter and good at your job just isn’t good enough.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seem Wentworth, please do not continue reading.



Assistant Deputy Vera Bennett didn’t seem like the type of person who would be a prison officer.  She was caring and at times, meek and docile.  But here she was, second in command to the Governor at Wentworth Correctional.

When Governor Meg Jackson was killed, Vera stepped in briefly as acting governor.  But a permanent promotion was not in the cards, and she was passed over for Erica Davidson.  Upon Davidson’s departure, sadistic Joan Ferguson became governor. Initially, Vera believed that Ferguson when the governor indicated that she wanted to mentor her, but Vera would later discover the truth about her boss.

While navigating work issues, Vera also cared for an domineering and ailing mother until Mrs. Bennett passed.  Vera definitely had a lot on her plate.  She wanted someone to care about her and sought a relationship with fellow officer Matt Fletcher. The coupling didn’t work out romantically but were instrumental in taking Governor Ferguson down.

Now that Joan Ferguson will more than likely be terminated from her position, (and face punishment for her many criminal actions) will Vera finally become governor?

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