Man Up Movie Review from @kleffnotes

It’s Valentine’s Weekend so I thought I’d review something in the rom-com spectrum of movies since love is in the air and all that jazz. Simon Pegg and Lake Bell star in the movie Man Up as Jack and Nancy, who are sort of looking for love, but even in their wildest searches hadn’t even considered each other. 

Now the reason Jack and Nancy haven’t met up before is they literally have no connection at all. You see Nancy has just spent a weekend at a themed engagement party, which was not even remotely as fun as the leis and mini drink umbrellas made it seem. While on a train to her parents 40th anniversary party, Nancy meets Jessica, a young woman on her way to meet her blind date. Well, when the train stops Nancy finds herself with Jessica’s self help book, which was how the blind date was going to find her. As she runs to find Jessica, Nancy finds herself smack dab in front of Jack, Jessica’s blind date. While she probably should have told Jack what was going on, Nancy winds up pretending she’s Jessica.

jake and nancy

At first everything is going at least mostly alright, up until Nancy tells Jack who she really is. Things go sideways pretty quickly, but of course that’s not the end of it. The two of them wind up going through a series of misadventures, during which sparks seem to be flying. I can’t say too much more about the plot or you’ll guess everything, but here are a few things that show up: a snooty ex, the real Jessica, a former schoolmate obsessed with Nancy, a teenage rager, and an alcoholic fire.

man up couple

Simon Pegg and Lake Bell had great chemistry in this movie and their banter was really funny. I don’t normally watch rom-coms, but this one made me laugh and I’m really glad I decided to watch it. There’s a really great scene about triathlons that made me laugh super hard that was very Cornetto Triology inspired. I give it four and a half out of five nerdy girl glasses.

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