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It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally over! Gotham is back in our lives for the Spring Premiere! The previous episode had some ups and downs. The downs mostly went to Theo Galavan whose plot to kill the “Son of Gotham”, aka Bruce Wayne, to redeem the Dumas family name fell apart completely. Penguin and Nygma teamed up with Jim Gordon to help undo what Galavan had done.  The very end of the episode gave us a hint into what was to come. We got a glimpse at a laboratory-like room complete with giant tanks of fluid with bodies inside, and a man with goggles and a freeze gun! Fast-forward to tonight’s premier.

The episode opens with what looks like an inquiry of that night. Harvey Dent is questioning Jim Gordon about his activities that night. For the most part, Gordon is telling the truth, minus a few incriminating details (like killing Theo Galavan). He is convincing enough and all charges are dropped and Gordon is released. It looks as though Captain Barnes doesn’t believe what Jim had to say though. He meets up with Lee in the lobby and obviously doesn’t want to talk about it with her either. We next see that there is a citywide manhunt for Oswald Cobblepot. He seems to be hiding out on the streets trying to keep a low profile. But this begs the question, who is running the Gotham underworld? That question is quickly answered when we see Butch, with a new hand attachment, drilling someone in the face. It looks like he is definitely the new “King of Gotham”.

Next we hear about an abduction in a nearby part of the city and a local beat cop is driving around to check it out. She comes across a man who is standing by his vehicle and she decides to let him know about the abduction so he can be safe. She quickly notices that he seems nervous and immediately raises her suspicions. She then asks him to open up the back of his van. He cooperates and we suddenly see who is responsible for the abduction. Of course we all know that poor cop is doomed. The man quickly grabs some kind of weapon and instantly turns her into a copsicle! We have now been acquainted with Victor Fries (not pronounced “freese” as we’ll soon find out).

Back at the station, Jim is reunited with his oh so (enter sarcasm) lovable partner, Harvey Bullock. He informs Jim about the weird frozen copsicle case and they head to talk to Edward Nygma. He explains how if the killer had used liquid nitrogen, it would take hours to freeze a body. Harvey in his normal charming way calls Nygma a name and he doesn’t take kindly to it. Harvey apologizes and Edward tells them that more likely it would be liquid helium that would have been used to freeze the cop instantly.  With the lead of liquid helium, Bullock does some checking and finds out the only place that has liquid helium is none other than Wayne Enterprises. Is anyone surprised? There are some skeletons in that companies closet for sure. Suddenly there is a commotion and Captain Barnes barges into the station with Cobblepot in custody.  The Captain is apparently going to get to the bottom of what happened that night with Oswald, Jim, and Theo Galavan. But much to the surprise of Jim, Cobblepot doesn’t rollover on him! I guess there’s a sense of honor? Or more likely, Oswald will want a favor from Jim Gordon.

Now back to Victor Fries. He comes home and we see him doting on his gravely ill wife, Nora. As most of you know, “Mr. Freeze” became what he is in the comics, because he was trying to find a cure for his wife’s disease.  She seems aware of his plan to freeze her, but he tells her that he hasn’t been successful in reanimating the frozen specimen. She seems disappointed, but it’s because she feels bad for the “mice”. Too bad she doesn’t know what the “mice” really are.

Back at the police station, Nygma discreetly pays Penguin a visit and Penguin asks him to take care of his mother’s grave and bring her lilies.  Awww…friendship. An officer then comes to take Penguin out of his cell and when a bewildered Cobblepot asks what’s going on, the officer simply says that he’s taking him to Arkham because he’s crazy isn’t he? While Penguin is in Arkham, he is required to talk to the asylum’s psychiatrist, who is none other than Hugo Strange. I am excited about the addition of B.D. Wong to the show and I think we can expect great things from him in his role as Dr. Strange.  Before Cobblepot has to talk to Strange, the Doctor is talking to another inmate and in passing tells the patient to “See no evil, do no evil”. Weird, but there is definitely something there.

Next, we go down in the basement of Victor Fries home where he is conducting his experiments on the frozen abductees.  He starts thawing one of his victims (or should we call them specimens?) and right when Fries thinks things are going in the right direction, the man starts to literally melt. I guess that’s what happens when you leave ice cream out of the freezer for too long. I just ruined ice cream for you didn’t I?  There is a disturbance upstairs and Victor rushes up to find his wife on the floor coughing up blood. He gives her some medicine, but realizes it was the last pill. Desperate, he goes to the pharmacy where the pharmacist is a douchebag. I know Victor needed a new prescription, but the pharmacist didn’t need to be so rude. He’ll quickly come to regret that decision.  Later Nora comes to and realizes her husband isn’t there, so of course, she goes into the basement where she is greeted by the frozen food isle for zombies. The cops trace the attack on the pharmacy back to Victor Fries’ home and takes Nora down to the station. Victor trying to do the right thing comes down to confess, but sees one of his “specimens” walking around. His experiment worked!

The episode concludes back at Arkham Asylum. Cobblepot’s neighbor is acting deranged (not surprising) and turns around with bloddy eye sockets. He keeps repeating, “see no evil, do no evil”. Doctor Strange goes down a secret elevator into a lab under Indian Hill and we can conclude that he is doing some crazy things down there. Needless to say, this episode did not disappoint! I expect great things to come from the rest of this season!

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