Check Out Sisters Alchemy via @stacyamiller85 @terrigarber1228 @SistersAlchemy1

Sisters Alchemy, the company created by Terri Garber and sister Lisa Rubenstein, make soaps that are drawing praise from all who have purchased them. These soaps are available for purchase through Sisters Alchemy.


I am one of the people who can speak from experience. The soaps are simply amazing.

Treat yourself or someone you love.

If interested in purchasing, check out Sisters Alchemy’s website:


Comments? Sound off below. Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


4 thoughts on “Check Out Sisters Alchemy via @stacyamiller85 @terrigarber1228 @SistersAlchemy1

  1. Something is screwing with Word Press. Before I could complete typing my comment, it posted! Let’s try this again!

    Oops! Sorry for the typo in previous comment! Brain moves faster than fingers. I meant to type: I’m looking forward to receiving these soaps! I just ordered the lavender scented variety. These soaps will make great gifts. 🙂


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