Interview With Writer Tosha Michelle via @tdmiller820917 @taraleigh2020

Tosha Michelle is a creative powerhouse. She is a talk show host and poet. Tosha is the author of Confessions of a Southern Belle: A Poet’s Collection of Love, Loss and Renewal and Self Help to Self Harm: The Dubious Guide to Life, Love and Relationships.

There is a quiet vulnerability in Tosha’s writing, yet a strength that is accessible to readers.

Read below to find out what she had to say about writing as well as her inspirations.

When did you first realize that you wanted to become a writer?

“I started writing at a young age but it wasn’t until later in life that the yearning to write turnned into a need. I write now because I have no other choice. Writing is my sanity, clarity, my safe haven. It also allows me the solitude I crave

I write first and foremost for myself. However, I’m always pleased when people feel an affinity and connection with my words. It’s humbling.”

What writers inspire you?

“So many… Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Edgar Allan Poe, Marcel Proust,  F Scott Fitzgerald, John Keats

Are there any particular themes that you feel connected with as you write your poetry?

“Oh yes, the lost of love, redemption, hope, nostalgia, death. My poetry has dark elements to it but there’s always a glimmer of light.”

Tell me your experience writing your book, Confessions of a Reformed Southern Belle?

“It was a labor of love and my earliest attempts at poetry. I was still very much a novice when I wrote it.  However, every word contains a piece of my soul. That book is very much a reflection of who I am.”

Why should people read your work?

“Oh gosh. I don’t know how to answer this without sounding arrogant.  Let me just say, I hope that if people do read my work, they find  entertainment, comfort and hope in it.

I’m very much a flawed individual. I struggle with depression and insecurities. I’ve experienced the loss of love, I’ve felt rejection. I’ve seen the best and worst life has to offer and I have survived. All this comes out in my writing. Sometimes the circumstances are fictional, but the emotions are very real. I think the themes are universal and ones we all can connect and relate to.”

Are there any other current projects you’re working on that you can share with us?

“I’m currently submitting my poetry to various magazines and journals. I’m also working on another collection of poetry. The book should be out this fall.”


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