#Wentworth Best Will Jackson Moments via @stacyamiller85 @Robbie_Magasiva

The character of Will Jackson on Wentworth is  one of the correctional officers who tries to keep order among the female prisoners in a fair and compassionate manner.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.

There have been several scenes involving Will Jackson that this reviewer felt were standouts for the character and actor, Robbie Magasiva.

  • Will’s Downward Spiral.

After the death of his wife Meg, Will turned to drugs and alcohol in an effort to cope with his grief.images (7)images (6)images (9)

  • Comforting Bea Smith 

When Bea learns of her daughter Debbie’s death, she’s obviously distraught. Will is there offering comfort to help ease her pain. Was this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

download (1)download

  • Talking Bea down from murdering Brayden Holt.  

Bea’s determination to make her daughter’s killer pay finds the fiery redhead holding a gun on murderer, Brayden Holt. Will doesn’t want Bea to do something she’ll regret and manages to gets her not to pull the trigger.  However, the smugness of Brayden earns him a bullet hole to the head afterall. As ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’, Will is then accused of being Bea’s accomplice.

images (12)images (4)

  • Learning wife Meg’s real killer but not taking revenge

When Will learns that it was Franky Doyle and not Jacs Holt who killed his wife Meg, Jackson is furious and confronts her. But instead of punching her, Will hits a wall before breaking down.  He also doesn’t turn Franky in for murder either.

images (5)images (3)

And let’s not forget that Will helped Bea to save Franky when she was trapped in the Wentworth Correctional fire and even saved Governor Joan Ferguson when he could have left her to burn.

Will Jackson has made mistakes but deep down he’s a man of integrity.

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