Catching Up on Oscar Winning Movies: A Review of @RoomTheMovie from @kleffnotes

You would think that a woman who works at a video store would be caught up on the things that get nominated for Academy Awards, right? Well, that is definitely not the case. Actually it’s never the case. I don’t live in a big city, which often means our one movie theater gets passed over for productions that are considered more independent or artsy. We get the big blockbusters yes, but a number of movies that were nominated we either didn’t get at all or only got for a week during the last year. We didn’t get Room at all, but it showed up at the video store right after the Oscars and I jumped on the chance to watch it. So, here’s my belated review of the movie that Brie Larson won her Oscar for Best Actress for.

The core of the movie is really the relationship between Brie Larson, Ma/Joy, and her son Jack, Jacob Tremblay. While they are the two primary characters we experience everything mostly through Jack’s point of view. He provides us background information about his life through voice overs, and he is the character that we see most within the movie. Joy leaves her son at two points and when that happens we see how the child raised within Room from birth until roughly a week after his fifth birthday is reacting to experiencing the real world.

room snake

Larson’s portrayal of a kidnapped woman having to raise a child, born during her time as a hostage, is captivating. I can completely understand why she won Best Actress. Tremblay was not only able to hold his own on screen with Larson, but he was able to be both endearing and heart breaking. There are so many emotions present within the movie that I just felt emotionally drained after watching it. It was well done and a beautiful movie, I definitely needed tissues and something a bit more lighthearted to watch afterward.

room escape

I strongly suggest this movie because not only is the story itself artfully done, but the acting is exceptional. Also fun fact, it’s set in Ohio. As an Ohioan I recognized the Bicentennial plates on the red pickup truck and then newer Ohio plates appeared near the end of the movie. Apparently Ohio is just a perfect setting for stories about evil people doing evil things. Our state shows up in tons of Investigation Discovery shows and in the occasional Dateline on NBC, just as an FYI.

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