@LuciferonFOX Recap of Et Tu, Doctor from @kleffnotes

The latest episode of Lucifer, Et Tu, Doctor brought us an episode full of the amazing Dr. Linda, Rachael Harris. After torching his wings on the beach Lucifer has a a lot to deal with, but first he’ll throw himself a little party.

Lucifer is throwing himself a birthday party, well he calls it a rebirth day party after Maze reminds him he doesn’t actually have a birthday. Even surrounded by scantily clad people in wings, Lucifer only has eyes for Chloe. That’s a bit of a problem because she’s there with an odd pickle cocktail and Detective Douche/Dan. After cheering to his birthday, our detectives are determined to investigate whatever is going on with Malcolm. After the whole return from the dead thing, that guy is extra creepy. Not that I knew him much before, but that wink was not a good sign. Lucifer goes to see Dr. Linda and while he apologizes for punching her wall, she doesn’t seem to mind. Not because of the sex, but because it was part of an important breakthrough. We learn that Lucifer is very jealous of Detective Douche/Dan spending time with Chloe and wants Dr. Linda to fix Chloe and make her stop liking her not yet ex-husband. Though Dr. Linda doesn’t agree to help him do any such thing, she does become crucial to the upcoming case.

party lucifer


Lucifer finds himself back at therapy with the death of a psychiatrist. With a bit of sexy time, Lucifer gets a judge to approve Dr. Linda as the person who will read through the dead doctor’s files and help them figure out who did it. Not only does she wind up working with Lucifer and Chloe, she also finally gets to meet Maze and Dan. The Maze meeting was fabulous and I want more of them together asap. The dynamic between them was so wonderful. Lucifer though finds himself with all the women in his life letting him know just what they think he should be working on. During the investigation things get a little crappy, there’s a suicide attempt and some very gross things in bags, but Chloe and Lucifer catch their man. There’s so much more going on though.

et tu lucifer

Lucifer and Chloe decide to look into Malcolm’s partner and find him dead in the cop bar. Even though the scene looks like a suicide, something isn’t exactly right. Later in the night Detective Douche/Dan kisses Chloe and just when things look like they are going well, Dan gets a text and has to leave. It turns out that Malcolm was the texter and that he has some intense dirt on Dan. Even though he murdered his partner, Malcolm reveals to us that Detective Douche/Dan shot him that night at Palmetto Street. Dang it Douche! Besides the reveals from Malcolm, Dr. Linda breaks up with Lucifer and he finds out that Dr. Canaan is his very own brother Amenadiel. I was already in a bit of shock, but then we see Lucifer talking to Maze. He tells her that he knows she helped Amenadiel and tells her he doesn’t want anything to do with her. No! It was crushing! Maze would do anything for Lucifer, but now he doesn’t want to be around her.

lucifer chloe

Hopefully next week the two of them make up, because I can’t handle Maze not being on good terms with Lucifer. I’m hoping for more Trixie next week, she’s so cute and I wish she were in more scenes. Make sure to keep an eye out for Erica’s Damien recap and you should join us next Monday for another #DevilsNight from 9-11. I’m @kleffnotes on Twitter and you can find Erica, @quietlikeastorm.

You can share your Lucifer thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find more of me on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.commy kleffnotes YouTube channel, and I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp. I also have recipes posted on the iZombie Support Group site.

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