@StitcherTV Recap: 2.0 (Season Two Premiere) from @kleffnotes

Stitchers is back! I have been anxiously awaiting the return of this show since the finale of last season with baited breath. Yes, we got a Halloween special, but it didn’t tell me what had happened to Cameron. Seriously the season one finale, crazy intense and even watching it in recap before this episode had me on pins and needles. Quick warning, there be spoilers ahead. Now let’s get down to the new stuff, set the mission clock, and let’s stitch.

The beginning of this episode was insanely emotionally. Kirsten, our stone cold stitcher, was in tears and my poor fragile heart couldn’t take it. Okay, Cameron was shown in all the promo stuff and they wouldn’t just kill him off after one season, they aren’t evil over on Freeform, but seriously dude was dead for a really long time. I mean I almost needed a defibrillator to make it through that scene. With Cameron and Fisher both alright I was not expecting this week’s stitch at all. Turner, the head of the Stitcher program was arguing with Maggie about the program and suddenly he’s dead.

upset kristen stitchers

Kirsten gets into the brand new stitch suit, it’s less Catwoman and more secret agent. During the stitch she smells incense, scent memory is new, but everything is fragmented and weird. So weird in fact that Kirsten has to bounce early and gets sick. She and Cameron head to Turner’s and find a hidden room with a destroyed government computer inside. Fisher is still laid up and stuck getting a hospital sponge bath, which is a remarkably funny scene.

more kirsten cameron

Camille is put in charge of finding out what the government barcode means, using only hospital computers and her phone, and some slightly stolen scrubs as a disguise. Since Camille is a magical tech wizard she finds out all the details in pretty much the amount of time it take Cameron to eat a snack size bag of habanero potato chips. Cameron locks their new NSA security team in the secret room and he and Kirsten sneak off to do some solo investigating. They find an abandoned building, that was connected to Turner’s computer and discover some interesting electricity.

cameron stitchers

After the Cameron/Kirsten stitch, something is off about their personalities. Kirsten is more emotional and Cameron is taking some crazy risks. It seems like Kirsten’s chocolate might have gotten into Cameron’s peanut butter, I’m talking about personality transference guys, geez. The two of them get arrested for trespassing, after getting tased, but Maggie bails them out with their brand new badges, which Cameron is really enjoying. Linus has been hard at work trying to defrag Turner’s memories, and Camille suggests they go back to 15 years ago when Turner’s computer was reported destroyed. That reveals Project Grasshopper, which failed that year. Kirsten starts getting snippets of the argument we saw earlier this episode, and a gun, which leads her to think Maggie did it.

stitchers linus

After she announces her belief to the room, the NSA tries to arrest Maggie and we get a Mexican Standoff. Maggie has a man at gunpoint and the new NSA guard has a gun pointed at her. Linus yells for Camille to take over Cameron’s post and insists Cameron take over engineering. The three of them have to rotate the memories to realign them so that Kirsten can see the full picture. Time runs out, but she insists it wasn’t Maggie.

stitchers mexican standoff

Camille and Kirsten are headed home, when Kirsten stops the elevator on floor 163. She insists they get out and investigate and they find a body on ice. Not just any body, but Ed Clark. Maggie insists she didn’t know he was here, but Cameron says that he knew Turner was trying to find a way to make subjects viable longer, but he didn’t know anything actually came of it. Kirsten insists they stitch into Ed, Cameron says he isn’t sure it’s safe, but they’ll try.

stitchers new suit

She stitches in and every thing is hazy, she sees a fight, but can’t make complete sense of it. Cameron amps up the memory and we see Ed die. She smells incense like she did in Turner’s memory, but she still doesn’t see who killed him. Another elevator moment happens, but this time with Cameron and Kirsten. He insists that he has never lied to her and that she would know since she was in his head. Kirsten says she saw nothing, but Cameron knows she’s lying. The last thing we see is Kirsten remembering the scent of her father’s shaving cream, sandalwood. Things just got extra complicated for our lady of the stitch.

This season looks like it’s going to be full of intense stitches and tons of emotions, especially with Kirsten starting to feel more. I can’t wait for next week! The recaps will be shorter after this one, but I thought I give a lot of details for the first episode of the season. Also quick thing, did anyone else notice the iZombie references? They talked about zombies and spicy food, which just seemed too coincidental to me, but maybe I have iZombie on the brain.

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