@StitchersTV Recap: Hack Me If You Can from @kleffnotes

Hackers, Harleys, and homicide in this week’s Stitchers episode. Even though Kirsten wants to focus on finding her father, there are murders to be solved in the stitch lab and when it turns out hackers are involved things get very Big Brother. Find out more in my recap.

Now back at the very beginning of the episode we see Linus’ brand new apartment, that can be run entirely through a smart home app. That’s important to remember later on, you’ll see. A man was hit by a car and the Stitchers team has to go collect the body, which leads Cameron to impulse reserve a motorcycle. During the stitch Kirsten uses a new skill to read an email Derek, the dead man, received from a website called Steal a Glance, it’s for cheating spouses. She also saw him yanking at his insulin pump before the car hit him.

fisher and camille stitchers

Maggie thinks that because Derek was a hacker that he might have been killed by the owner of Steal a Glance because their clients were leaked, but it’s never that easy. Camille goes to visit Fisher, because our rough and tumble detective has checked himself out of the hospital, and while she’s there she asks him to help her learn how to defend herself. He’s up for it, though he might not want to egg her on while he’s still recovering. Instead of meeting with the Steal a Glance CEO, Camille decides to digitally pickpocket him, that way they’ll know everything about him, including the stuff he wouldn’t want to share with them. While she’s sneaking a scan, Kirsten is hunting for information about her dad.




A very creepy meeting goes down back at the lab between Maggie and Mitchell Blair, the man behind the lab, she gets informed she’s been promoted to acting director. She isn’t sure she wants the job based on what happened to the previous director. Blair refuses to tell her more about the job or any details about the death from last week. Kirsten fangirls out a bit over the hacking skills that have been used by whoever is behind all of this and she thinks a team is involved. Linus also learns that the pump was hacked, so it’s technically the real murder weapon. They decide to bring in a girl named Lucy whose IP address can be connected to the pump.

stitchers hack me

A windowless van ride and a secret interrogation room visit later, we learn that Lucy was Derek’s friend who was trying to make sure he took care of himself because he didn’t always remember to monitor his insulin. Turns out her IP address was used by the hackers, well, hacker. Turns out there’s just one named Ellie. She reveals that Derek deserved to die, and that she was behind the huge plot to blackmail, frame, and murder. Now it’s time for a hacker versus hacker event. Ellie hacks Cameron and Kirsten, bye bye motorcycle and credit cards for Cam and hello cops for Kirsten. Ellie even threatens to take out Linus with his own smart house, but Camsten runs in to save him. See Ellie, they do have a ship name. There’s a final stitch which reveals that Derek was married and used Steal a Glance to cheat on his wife, who happens to be their hacker. She though is legally dead, but Ellie is a hacker so that’s something she could fake.



Fisher comes back to work and off of something he says Cameron says they should hunt for people Ellie could be using as a disguise. Maggie, Cameron, and Kirsten head to Ellie’s apartment building, Linus is in charge of supplies for Fisher, Camille hacks the apartment, and Fisher is the one who set them all in motion. He is still recovering after all. Camille shuts down the elevators and then they snag Ellie, her real name is Linda, Ellie was just a shortening of her real name Linda Edwards, L E.


Kirsten and Linda talk and Kirsten says that she thinks Linda just wanted a friend. She then reveals that they used technology to find her that was beyond what she had, though Linda insists she never really wanted to disappear. After Kirsten mentions she needs help finding someone it looks like Linda is going to help her out.

Next week looks amazing! A serial killer and Camille’s little brother is visiting, seriously all the crazy is coming up. Share your Stitchers thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes, and find me on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, on my kleffnotes YouTube channel, and I post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site. I also run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.

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