@StitchersTV Recap: The Two Deaths of Jamie B. from @kleffnotes

Stitchers this season just keeps getting more and more intense and last night’s episode added some crazy science, and a very cute comic book nerd, into our lives. All my ships seem to be on stormy seas, but hey let’s get to the recap and find out what I’m talking about.

Kirsten is still on the hunt for her dad, Camille and Linus are both dealing with Theo fall out, and Cameron is handling a mostly homeless Linus situation, but all of that has to be ignored when a body is found in a dumpster with no easy identity. Based on his lack of fingerprints the Stitch lab is tasked with figuring out who this mystery man is. During the stitch, after a bit of K cup awkwardness that was resolved wonderfully by Tim, Kirsten sees their dead man die not once, but twice. The team also learns that our decedent went by the name Jamie B, but that he had stumbled into a grocery store with no knowledge about anything about himself, just kept repeating the name Jamie B.


Kirsten and Cameron talk to the grocery store owner, she even hugs him, but he doesn’t know anything about the poor man except his name. Fisher talks to Camille about her work in the lab and while she feels underused, it turns out that he thinks she should do some more intensive work with her self defense training. Later Maggie also reveals that she thinks that Camille is definitely someone who could do great things. Fisher is helping Kirsten do some more research into her dad, while also giving her relationship advice when she asks for some. Camille is trying to fix everything Theo did to Linus, and is also doing some intense investigating of Jamie B, after Kirsten tells them that he was a scientist, and she reveals she totally dated a guy named Dirk, and later his sister. Bam, bisexual Camille!


Camsten goes back out to investigate where Jamie B worked and it turns out there’s a Jamie B already there and this one is a she. Turns out who we thought was Jamie B was actually a man named Steve who disappeared. He was working on nanobot technology that inadvertently could eat pretty much all of Earth without getting full. Steve, formerly Jamie B, locked the nanobots up with a lock that involves a really complex cypher. A woman named Naomi, who works at the company, makes a deal with Kirsten for the cypher, it’s part of an elaborate setup, and then things get crazy. There’s a hand off, the nanobots are released, the murderer is revealed, and that’s not all. Theo got beat up by Camille, which got Linus his stuff back, and Camus had sex!


Now last, but certainly not least, we got introduced to a super cool and very cute comic book nerd name Nina. Cameron meets Nina at the comic book store where she works and the two get flirty. At the end of the episode they bond over an Incredible Hulk comic and even go out for dinner. Camsten appears to be in rough waters, but Nina is so cute that I just can’t not like her. Also Fisher appears to be flirting with Camille and while I love Camus I could see something happening with Fisher and Camille.


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