#UnbreakableKimmySchmidt Season Two Excitement from @kleffnotes

The second season of the Netflix original show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, dropped on April 15th and I got the chance to binge it on the 17th. I watched the first season in one night, and while my binge of season two wasn’t as impressively sleep deprived, I still got it done in a day. I’m not going to do a full recap here, but I am going to talk about some of the things that I loved from this season.

When I watched season one I fell in love with Lillian and Titus right away. I know the show is about Kimmy, but Lillian constantly made me laugh and Titus is just so amazingly fabulous that I couldn’t not love him. I had really been hoping that their characters would get bigger story lines and I was not disappointed. Lillian’s quest to stop the gentrification of the neighborhood was explained in more detail. We got to see her and her husband, how she met Titus, and watch her protest and act out against the attempts by hipsters and construction companies to change things.

lillian unbreakable

Titus had even more drama going on, it was wonderful. He got to sing so much more than he did in season one and the songs were so funny. I would totally watch an entire show made up of just songs from the fake musicals they invented for Kimmy Schmidt. Besides singing more than in the previous season, Titus went through a lot of emotional stuff and grew as a character. He even started dating and Titus dating is adorable.

titus unbreakable

Jacqueline’s plot was also a lot different than in the previous season. While she still was trying to exist within upper class New York society we saw more of her parents and watched her deal with real life problems. She also had her own nemesis, played by Anna Camp, for a few episodes.

jacqueline unbreakable

Tina Fey also had a way funnier character in this season than in season one. She plays an alcoholic therapist, who acts in two completely different ways depending on whether she’s been drinking. She was hilarious and I actually hope she shows back up in season three.

tina fey unbreakable

The guest stars this season are great and we get a super cute and then super violent animated segment, which was one of my favorite parts. The ending is a super crazy twist, seriously I wasn’t anticipating it at all. I freaked out, and based on that twist the third season is going to be crazy.

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