#Arrow Amy Gumenick shines as Cupid via @tdmiller820917 @AmyGumenick

Amy Gumenick may not be a household name but she is a talented and versatile actress who continues to mesmerize fans with an impressive body of work.

Supernatural fans know Gumenick as the mother of heroic hunters Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). The Winchester brothers time traveled to the past with assistance from their angelic ally, Castiel. “You are so beautiful,” Sam said when he met his mother in the past.

Sam was right. Clearly, Gumenick is a stunning actress. But the real beauty lies in the strength and determination in which she undertakes her craft. This strength and determination is reflected in the characters she portrays. Young Mary Winchester reluctantly embraced her hunting legacy. Yet, she was determined to give her children a normal life. Sadly, fate had other plans for Mary Winchester.

Viewers of The CW were fortunate when Amy Gumenick was cast in the recurring role of Carrie Cutter/Cupid on Arrow. Gumenick masterfully focused on her character’s motivations and succeeded in making Cupid an intriguing character. Cupid may want love, but it is revenge that feeds her actions. Rather than playing Cupid as a predictable villain, Amy Gumenick rises above the challenge of delivering a multi-dimensional Cupid. Hey voice and body language adds to the dangerous allure of Cupid. She consistently gives riveting performances and is a welcomed addition to the Arrow universe.

Amy Gumenick shines as Cupid. Here is an actress who will offer illuminating performances in any role.


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