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Meg Masters is demon, but she holds a special place in the hearts of Supernatural viewers.

The success of this character is due to the tremendous talent of the two actresses who portrayed her, Nicki Aycox and Rachel Miner. Both of these performers offered a different spin on Meg Masters. Yet, their interpretations captivated viewers.

We first saw Meg Masters in the Season 1 episode Scarecrow. Sam Winchester met the young woman on the side of the road. Both were hitchhikers on their way to California. Sam was searching for his father John while Meg claimed to want to strike out on her own away from her family that really didn’t understand what was best for her. The two of them appeared to be kindred spirits of sorts striking up a friendship. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that Meg’s evil intent was revealed.

In Shadow, Salvation and Devil’s Trap, viewers were aware that a demon possessed the girl known as Meg Masters. Whether Meg was controlling the violent supernatural entities known as the daevas or killing the Winchester allies to get the powerful demon killing gun made by Samuel Colt, Nicki Aycox offered chilling performances. Meg’s exorcism in Devil Trap continues to rank as one of the most memorable moments in Supernatural history.

Aycox returned to the show in the Season 4 episode Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester. Viewers learned that the vengeful spirit Meg Masters was a “witness” who had been raised as the Apocalypse loomed. Again, Aycox gave a riveting performance. Viewers discovered that Meg was a college student when the demonic black smoke possessed her body and destroyed her life.

When Meg returned in the Season 5 premiere episode, Sympathy for the Devil, she was in a new meatsuit. Actress Rachel Miner was now Meg. She provided a different take on the character. Her Meg was a Lucifer loyalist. She was grateful that her “father” Lucifer was free from his cage. In Abandon All Hope, we saw the depth of Meg’s devotion and sympathy for the devil.

With the episode Caged Heat, Meg became a reluctant ally of the Winchesters. She made a pact with the brothers so that she could get to demonic enemy and King of Hell, Crowley. In addition, viewers also saw chemistry between Meg and angel/Winchester friend, Castiel. The two even shared a steamy kiss.

When you fast forward to Season 7 episodes The Born-Again Identity, Reading is Fundamental and Survival of the Fittest, Meg was actually a crucial part of Team Winchester helping the brothers when Castiel’s mental health deteriorated as well as assisting them in their fight against the Leviathans. Meg had a genuine affection for Castiel. Miner did a wonderful job adding softness and humor to the character.

The character of Meg met her “swan song” in the Season 8 episode, Goodbye Stranger.

Meg Masters is a fascinating character. In the hands of gifted actresses Nicki Aycox and Rachel Miner, viewers were fortunate to see a character who wasn’t purely evil. Both Aycox and Miner demonstrated that Meg was strong, focused and determined.

A Tale of Two Megs: Nicki Aycox and Rachel Miner. Supernatural viewers are grateful for the stellar work of Aycox and Miner. These performers added such richness to the Supernatural tapestry.

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