@RealNickiAycox and @RachelMiner1 thrill fans at @OzComicCon via @tdmiller820917

I wrote an piece for The Nerdy Girl Express this past May titled “A Tale of Two Megs” ( https://thenerdygirlexpress.com/2016/05/01/realnickiaycox-rachelminer1-a-tale-of-two-megs-via-tdmiller820917/ ) in which I analyzed the tremendous contributions that both Nicki Aycox and Rachel Miner brought to the Supernatural landscape through their rich and distinct portrayal of college girl turned demon Meg Masters.

Aycox and Miner are currently in Australia meeting fans at Oz Comic Con. Last weekend, the actresses thrilled Sydney fans with autographs, photo ops and panel discussions. This weekend (September 17th-18th), Brisbane fans will be fortunate to enjoy in the experience.

From fan accounts, Aycox and Miner have hit a home run with their warmth and generous spirits. It has been an unforgettable experience for fans, one that they will cherish for a very long time.

The gifted actresses also took time out for an interview while in Australia. In this candid interview, they discussed the positive experiences they enjoyed on the Supernatural set. Admittedly, the entertainment industry still has a ways to go in fully embracing female characters in film and television. But Aycox and Miner noted that the Supernatural set was welcoming to actresses, clearly a testament to the tone set by its lead actors (along with other cast members and crew).

Of course, both Aycox and Miner exude positivity themselves. They are a shining example of how social media can be a nurturing place to inspire and foster creative artistry.

For tickets to Oz Comic Con, Brisbane (September 17-18):

Oz Comic-Con Brisbane

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