@PreacherAMC Recap: See from @kleffnotes

This week brought us a brand new episode of Preacher after the original premiere of the pilot two weeks ago. We started back in the year 1881 with settlers making their way through the dessert wilderness. A man on a horse sets out on his journey and meets a family making their way by wagon. After listening to a bit of a rant about the evils of civilization around the campfire we are shown in the cold light of morning a tree full of hanging corpses. We are brought into focus on one that has been scalped. We then are pulled back to see a sign marked The Town of Ratwater as the man on a horse rides by. Then it’s back to the present and the rest of this recap.

Jesse is busy baptizing members of the congregation with some full body soaking. They have a tub set up outside of the church, he dunks a bus driver, Eugene, and then suddenly Tulip appears. She isn’t exactly dressed for a church event, but she insists she wants to be baptized. After the baptisms there’s a church event with fancy coffee, well at least one cup for Jesse, and some schmoozing. Jesse has some time with Cassidy, he’s totally fine with him hanging around even though Emily is really not a fan of our vampiric handyman. He has made off with some of the wine for church services, Jesse doesn’t seem to bothered by it. He gets pulled away from the get together by the recently baptized bus driver. It turns out this guy has feelings for a very young girl on his route, but he insists he’s going to do better . Jesse is not on board with keeping this situation a secret, but he’s bound by the sanctity of confession.


The slaughterhouse that our broken armed jerk from the premiere works for is buying up land and somehow having a pen picked up for him leads to a broken nose. He has some serious anger issues, that kid was right to tell Jesse about him. During the day Emily has an event planned to get people to make suggestions about how to improve the church. As Jesse tries to leave he finds his steering wheel attached to a street lamp. Now most people would be exceptionally surprised by this, but when Tulip arrives it makes way more sense. She says that the baptism totally worked, just a little bit of sarcasm there, and is really just trying to mess with Jesse. Back at the church Cassidy has been waiting for Jesse to come home so they can enjoy a home cooked meal together. Yeah, no, they are just going to smoke and drink late into the night. As they chat Jesse finally gets Cassidy to talk about himself, though he totally doesn’t believe the vampire reveal, and then he grabs Cassidy’s personal flask. Even though he tells him the stuff is toxic Jesse takes a huge swig and then passes out. Cassidy steals his keys and heads out for a night on the town.


Our two mysterious men appear and after the tall one frightens a poor maid half to death they head to the church with a massive trunk. When they find Jesse passed out they set up the most snake oil looking set up I have ever seen. You know snake oil, like those fake old West doctors, that’s what their kit reminded me of. A terrifying song plays and they try and examine our preacher. When things don’t go as planned tall man pulls out a chainsaw. Before he goes all Evil Dead on Jesse, Cassidy arrives and thinks they are actually after him. A huge and bloody fight breaks out with severed limbs and a very hungry vampire. Cassidy keeps Jesse from getting hurt, but also winds up having to clean up the church. After hacking up the corpses and stashing them in their own trunk he gets ready to bury them. One small snag though, it’s day time. Tulip has also been up to her own fun at a local whorehouse. She’s cleaning out some guys at poker, including the poor dude with a broken nose. She gets a call and it turns out that some plan is going down, but she is going to need some help.


Emily finds Jesse in the church and gives him a casserole to take to a local family. She has a bunch of visits planned in an attempt to boost the visibility of the church in the community. At the house Jesse tries to be be helpful, but the mother there doesn’t care about what he has to say. Her daughter’s skull has been intensely damaged which left her in a vegetative state, she says that words can’t help. When Jesse leaves he sees the school bus again, it’s been popping up throughout the episode ever since he dealt with the bus driver’s confession. On his way home Jesse sees a baby seat abandoned on the road and when he gets out to check it someone knocks him out. He wakes up in a room and has no idea where he is. A slot in the door opens and someone wearing a creepy mask arrives. It turns out it’s just Tulip and she wants Jesse to help her with her recent plan. He refuses, even though he’s chained to the wall. At least he thought he was, there is a chain around his ankle, but it’s not attached to anything else. Tulip tells him he can leave, but doesn’t give him the key.


He makes it home, but has to cut the chain off of his leg. While Jesse’s hacksawing away Eugene arrives and says he was knocking, but no one answered. He tells Jesse that when he said that he felt changed after the baptism that he was lying. Eugene was dealing with his faith in the pilot and says that he used to hear God talking to him, but hasn’t recently. After the baptism he thought he heard God, but he thinks he made it up. Jesse tells him that we are never fully fixed, but that we just have to keep trying. This leads him to a revelation. He goes to the house of the bus driver and breaks in. He finds the man in his bathroom, which scares the newly baptized man out of his wits. He keeps insisting that he’s working on his problem, but Jesse doesn’t care. He fills the bathtub full of hot water, rolls up his sleeves, and dunks the guy multiple times. Finally he uses his new powers and insists the man forget the girl. Jesse is stunned a bit and falls back against the door, the bus driver then begins asking why the preacher is there and what is going on. Jesse’s request worked, but both men are a little freaked out.


In the dark of the night Cassidy is burying the trunk full of body parts, but something very weird happens. The two men who looked very dead last time we saw them are meeting with the local sheriff and saying they are part of the government after it looked like they were buried. Now after using his powers on the bus driver Jesse goes back to the home of the family he visited earlier. He asks to sit with the daughter again and while they are alone he uses his special voice and says “Open your eyes.” That’s where the episode ends, but in the previews for next week it seems like Jesse’s powers definitely worked. I’m hoping we get more information about the cowboy because after all the talk about The Big Lebowski I just keep thinking he’s a magic narrator who is just going to chat with Jesse at a bar. Those two creepy dudes also got way creepier this week. Seriously, they didn’t die after the Cassidy affair, what are they?


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