#TheCraftyGeek Ep. 9: Hey Mista J! via @luckynerdgirl

Earlier this week I put it to a vote what you would want to see this week. Well, the people have spoken and Harley Quinn is what they are saying! I totally admit that I hoped that Harley Quinn would win! It didn’t take me long to be inspired by one of my favorite DC comic characters. This weeks geeky DIY is Harley’s hammer! 

It is a familiar object that Harley Quinn has been known to carry around. There are also so many different variations of what the hammer looks like. I thought it would be fun to stick with just the basic red and black design. If you want to make this for yourself, here are the things you will need:

  • Black, red, and white paint
  • wooden spools
  • dowel rod
  • glue
  • eye cap (to put on the end of the handle)
  • necklace or key chain


To start, we need to fill in the hole on our spool. Take some of the dowel rod and cut it to the length of the spool. Use some good glue, like wood glue, to glue the dowel in place and allow to dry. Once the glue is dry, sand down the flat sides to make sure it is flush in case your dowel rod is just a little too long. Next you will want to drill a small hole in the middle of the spool so you have a place for the handle to go.

Before you paint, give it a quick sanding to make sure there are no pokey edges after drilling the hole. Now it is time to paint. With the red paint, paint the middle of the spool and the two flat ends of the spool. Allow that to dry. Next, paint a smaller section in the middle of the spool with black paint. You’ll want to paint the small edges of the spool black also.

While the paint is drying, lets work on the handle of the hammer. Cut off a piece of the dowel rod to the length that you want your handle. Paint a little bit of it with red paint. When that dries, glue on the eye cap and let the glue dry. When that is done, paint the rest of the handle with the red paint. When the red paint is dry, paint a couple of black stripes onto the handle.

Lets add a few more Harley Quinn details. Using the black paint, paint a black diamond on each flat side of the hammer head. The next thing I did was glue the handle to the hammer head and let that dry. This made the next part a little easier to accomplish. I felt like we needed to brand this officially Harley Quinn. I added her signature three diamond design on the black part of the hammer head. I free handed all of the painting so forgive my inconsistancies with the white diamonds :D.

Allow for everything to dry for a good 24 hours before wearing around. I used industrial strength glue so it takes a lot longer for it to cure. And that’s it! You are ready to assist The Joker with any face smashing that needs to be done!  I felt this was a little big for a pendant for me, so I decided to make mine into a key chain! Feel free to use any Harley Quinn design that you would like! Get crazy puddin’!


Let me know what you thought of this geeky DIY in the comment section below! You can also send me your comments on twitter @luckynerdgirl using #TheCraftyGeek! Make sure you follow @thenerdygirlexp for future geeky crafting and other nerdy delights!


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