Guerrilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance Book Review from @kleffnotes

You can make the world a better place in a variety of ways and one such way is through moments of kindness and creativity. Sayraphim Lothian shares ways for you to add a little brightness through the world through what she calls guerrilla kindness, which involves taking on some crafting to do something for someone else. Guerrilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance examines craftivism and the use of homemade items to change the world. Continue reading “Guerrilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The #CraftyGeek Goes Retro! via @luckynerdgirl

I’m all about retro things here. Especially nerdy retro things! So I got to thinking about some of the things from my younger days that I miss. The one that kept popping up was my first video game system. The classic Gameboy! It was one of my most prized possessions as a kid and my favorite game to play was called Kirby’s Block Ball.  Continue reading “The #CraftyGeek Goes Retro! via @luckynerdgirl”

Crafting with @carmillaseries : More Silas Orientation Week Fun from @kleffnotes ( @KindaTV_ )

How’s your Silas Orientation Week going Creampuffs? Last night we got to experience our first YouNow Carmilla/KindaTV event with ‘So You Think You Can Silas’ hosted by the always lovely Natasha Negovanlis. Talented Creampuffs, both old and new, wowed me with their ability to answer trivia questions under pressure. I was sweating just thinking I might get picked from the list. You can watch Part One and Part Two of the event on the KindaTV YouTube channel. Now with the week at the halfway point I thought I’d share some fun Carmilla themed crafts with all of you. Perry just looked really awesome in that scene from the trailer so I decided to make the crafty Dean the featured image for this crafty article. Continue reading “Crafting with @carmillaseries : More Silas Orientation Week Fun from @kleffnotes ( @KindaTV_ )”

#TheCraftyGeek ep. 10: I Shall Call Him Squishy! Via @luckynerdgirl

With the recent release of Pixars Finding Dory in theaters, I thought it would be a lot of fun to do something related to that lovable and forgetful blue fish! In the first movie, Finding Nemo, Dory and Marlin come across a tiny little jellyfish which Dory names squishy. So for this weeks geeky DIY lets make a tiny jellyfish! Continue reading “#TheCraftyGeek ep. 10: I Shall Call Him Squishy! Via @luckynerdgirl”

#TheCraftyGeek Ep. 9: Hey Mista J! via @luckynerdgirl

Earlier this week I put it to a vote what you would want to see this week. Well, the people have spoken and Harley Quinn is what they are saying! I totally admit that I hoped that Harley Quinn would win! It didn’t take me long to be inspired by one of my favorite DC comic characters. This weeks geeky DIY is Harley’s hammer!  Continue reading “#TheCraftyGeek Ep. 9: Hey Mista J! via @luckynerdgirl”

#TheCraftyGeek Ep. 7: Exterminate! via @luckynerdgirl #DoctorWho @bbcdoctorwho

The Doctor has many enemies throughout time and space, but there is only one that seems impossible for the Doctor to defeat. The Daleks have been around since the beginning of the Doctor Who world and they are one of my favorite foes. In this week’s tutorial I will show you how to make a Dalek to terrify your Doctor Who friends! Continue reading “#TheCraftyGeek Ep. 7: Exterminate! via @luckynerdgirl #DoctorWho @bbcdoctorwho”

Got Enemies? The Crafty Geek ep. 5 @Outlander_STARZ via @luckynerdgirl

This weeks edition of The Crafty Geek we discover how to create a pendant that will detect poison ;).  If you watched last weeks episode of Outlander, then you might know what I’m talking about! After our leading lady Claire was poisoned (actually bitter cascara), her dear friend Master Raymond gives her a stone pendant that will detect any other poisons. Just the sort of thing someone Claire would need seeing that she seems to make enemies so quickly! Continue reading “Got Enemies? The Crafty Geek ep. 5 @Outlander_STARZ via @luckynerdgirl”