Five Reason @Syfy Needs to #RenewWynonnaEarp ( @WynonnaEarp ) from @kleffnotes

The finale of Syfy’s Wynonna Earp aired on Friday and with no news yet if it will be renewed for a second season, I wanted to share my top five reasons why this show needs more seasons.

This list is in no particular order and honestly I could think of more than five reasons, but I thought you lovely people would like a bit of brevity from me. Now this post is going to be a little spoilery, but I am talking about the finale episode so please if you are behind know that you are reading at your own risk.

Reason one: So many cliffhangers need tied up

Seriously there are so many things that happened right at the end of the finale that need resolved. What is happening with Dolls? Heck, what even is Dolls? What is that tentacle beast? Who is the mystery mechanic? What is going on with Waverly? What did that goo do? Is she connected to the goo? What did Bobo mean when he said she wasn’t an Earp? Did everyone get cured? Who will take over as leader of the Revenants? See, so many questions and you can’t just leave me hanging like that Syfy. I can’t handle that strain on my poor fangirl heart.

wynonna finale

Reason two: Wayhaught exists and they need to keep existing

Instead of falling into the dead lesbian trope, Wynonna Earp ( the series) did something amazing and subverted this idea with a well placed bulletproof vest. Not only did they keep their newly formed same sex couple alive, but they had Waverly come out to her sister Wynonna and profess her love for her girlfriend Nicole all at the same time. If you don’t renew the show then we’ll lose Wayhaught and  no one wants that to happen.


Reason three: Wynonna is too good a character to lose

The titular character of the series, Wynonna Earp, proves that female characters can be flawed, strong, and sexy. Even though her life has been hard, she still shows mercy to those around her, even when they have hurt her in the past. There are so few female characters like that on television and she is part of a change that we need in order to provide more diverse entertainment. Melanie Scrofano is also perfect as Wynonna and her ability to balance comedy and drama within the show is just amazing.


Reason four: There is just so much talent in this show that it would be devastating to see it gone so soon

The entire cast of Wynonna Earp is just so talented. In each episode they play off of each other so well and the connections they have made resonate through the story lines. On social media it is very apparent that while working together they have all really bonded and that bond shouldn’t be broken. They should be able to continue working together to develop these characters even more. Beyond the cast the writing of this show is just spectacular. Every episode is exceptional and now that they’ve set up the characters and relationships they could do even more to grow the universe of Purgatory.

wynonna partial cast

Reason five: Because I’m not prepared to lose this show yet

Okay, this reason is super selfish and really just me getting to the point of begging with Syfy to keep Wynonna Earp on the air. I just fell so in love with this show and started watching it so late in season one that I feel like I didn’t really get to connect with the fandom as much as I would have wanted to. What I’ve seen of the fandom and their connection is wonderful. Everyone cares so much about the show and really supports each other. I really want to see this show continue for many more season to come.

wynonna and waverly

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