The Bastard -The Kent Family Chronicles Ep.1 via @stacyamiller85 @astevensent

With this being Independence Day weekend, what better way to acknowledge the struggles faced with forging our new nation than watching a movie that depicts this?

A movie that tells the story of one man’s journey to becoming an American is The Bastard based on John Jakes’ novel of the same name. The Bastard is the first of John Jakes’ Kent Family Chronicles series of novels.


It first aired on television on May 22, 1978. The story begins in 1771 with Philippe Charboneau (Andrew Stevens), a 17-year-old poor French boy learning he is the illegitimate son of a English Lord. He travels to England with his mother Marie (Patricia Neal) to claim his birthright. After receiving non-acceptance from his father’s wife Lady Amberly (Eleanor Parker) and half brother Roger (Mark Neely) and numerous attempts on his life, Phillippe flees to America in 1772. He changes his name to Phillip Kent and becomes involved with the events leading up to the American Revolution. The Bastard features an all-star cast that includes Kim Cattrall (as Anne Ware), Olivia Hussey (as Alicia), Buddy Ebsen, Barry Sullivan, Harry Morgan, Lorne Greene, Donald Pleasence, Tom Bosley (as Ben Franklin), William Shatner (as Paul Revere) and William Daniels (as Samuel Adams).

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As an avid fan of author John Jakes, I read The Kent Family Chronicles series of novels that are American History treasures. The Bastard miniseries starring Andrew Stevens remains a favorite of mine. It has become a July 3 tradition (since 1994) to watch The Bastard once a year.

I encourage everyone who has never see The Bastard to check it out.

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