@PreacherAMC Recap: Sundowner from @kleffnotes

This week’s Preacher had us back at the diner with Jesse and our gentlemen in white, they’re still hashing out what exactly is inside the preacher’s body. It is a humdinger of a thing to hold in a coffee can, that’s for sure.

Apparently during the war between Heaven and Hell an angel and a demon fell in love and after, cough cough, conjoining, Genesis came to be. Oh no, not the book of the Bible, it’s literally the most powerful force in the entire universe that could tear everything apart. Jesse calls it a baby, which I mean it technically is, but DeBlanc gets super offended. The gentlemen head out to the parking lot and suddenly get into a fight with a woman, who is definitely more than she appears. Jesse tries to break it up, but he and DeBlanc start getting chocked out, until Fiore shoots her in the head. They shove her body in the trunk of her car, but you see that doesn’t really matter for people with heavenly phones and warrants from Heaven. She’s one of the seraphim, and we finally learn how the whole angel regeneration thing works. Jesse is getting a crash course in all things angelic, but fun fact, you need angel hands to use an angel phone. The seraph checks Fiore and DeBlanc’s car and finds a Bible with with a Sundowner Motel label in it.


Oh boy, yeah that’s not good. Jesse asks why he doesn’t just use his power to make her leave, but DeBlanc says that this power isn’t a real power, it’s an embarrassment to both sides. Accords were made and if anyone finds out the power is loose both sides will want it. Fiore destroys their original angel phone, but it’s way too late. The seraph shoots Fiore and DeBlanc, Jesses manages to disarm her, but not for long. The two of them keep duking it out, but he needs a little heavenly assistance from Fiore to make it through. The seraph goes down, but they have to be on the alert for her to come back. DeBlanc says they have to restrain her instead of kill her. The fight keeps going with angels regenerating as needed. Someone is definitely going to need to figure out where to put all of these heavenly bodies. It’s still hot and heavy in the Sundowner, by the end of the fight they are packed in there like sardines, when Cassidy shows up. After working so hard to restrain the seraph, he shoots her, which leads to more brawling, until finally they have her. Fiore dis-articulates her in the bathroom, which sounds awful, and Fiore and DeBlanc finally reveal why they are there.


Genesis escaped and they have no idea how, they are the guardians of the thing and they want to get it back. They have no idea why it chose Jessie and he says that if God wants it so bad he can come and get Genesis himself. He and Cassidy head out and when Fiore and DeBlanc won’t stop he magic voices them to stay away. The gentlemen apparently have another option, but DeBlanc refuses. Our other characters aren’t having a great day either. Eugene is having a terrible day at school and Emily’s daughter is sick. Oh and Tulip drops in and yells at her to stay away from her boyfriend, while also shattering one of the kid’s art things. Tulip and Emily wind up having a very interesting heart to heart. Emily yells at Tulip and Tulip offers to fix the art thing. The Mayor is getting calls from the head of the group that came to meet with Odin and he is refusing to answer. I mean how does one explain that all the people that were sent to a civilized meeting were shot randomly and won’t be coming back to work? Yeah, I don’t know either. The sign at the church is particularly humorous today, but well that’s not the most interesting thing happening at the church today. Cassidy and Jesse are both in their underwear, showing off their tattoos, drinking beer, and doing laundry. Oh hey, and now we get a very brief Tulip moment, his heart might not be on his sleeve, but his girlfriend is on Jesse’s shoulder. Now things delve into the theological and the craziness that is Genesis. Jesse plans to keep doing what he’s doing, with an added element of more. Yep, good plan preacher man.


It’s lunch time at the school and Eugene has people asking to sit with him. He seems appropriately concerned, I’ve seen way too many Lifetime movies to assume that teens are ever up to any good in the lunch room. I mean I was one once, but I was a chill nerd and didn’t have too much drama to contend with. Back to the show, Tulip and Emily are still bonding and Tulip watches a very sweet moment between the mother and daughter. They finally move to the topic of Jesse, but Emily is interrupted by a yell of mommy. Then Tulip offers to babysit and when Emily says she would worry Tulip says she had a kid once. This came as news to me, is it her and Jesse’s? What happened to this kid? Cassidy and Jesse are fully clothed again and one of them is making a very interesting decision. Yeah, Jesse added a megaphone to the front of church, which Cassidy thinks is very not smart. I for one agree with the slightly inebriated Irish vampire. Tulip winds up running church errands instead and Jesse is testing out the new addition to the church exterior. Genesis radio doesn’t really seem like the best move, but hey I’m no preacher. Remember those kids who wanted to eat with Eugene, well after school they invite him to see something awesome and suddenly we are on the other side of a no trespassing sign and headed into a very dark tunnel. The boys set off some fireworks and Eugene is impressed, I’m just glad nothing bad happened. I’m so worried about that boy. Jesse is setting up for church, apparently this week’s service will be outside, when the mayor arrives. The Green Acre Group just keeps calling and he finally tells Jesse that he’s thinking of doing something really wrong. Jesse wants more information, but the mayor doesn’t really give him any. This talk turns to whether God tells you what to do or if your own internal voice tells you what you want to hear.


Tulip arrives and the conversation is cut short, but maybe that’s for the best. Cassidy walks in on her in the store room and starts talking about their time together. Oh and that’s when things get messy, maybe even messier than a hotel room full of bodies. Cassidy now knows that Tulip is Jesse’s Tulip, and Tulip now knows that Cassidy works at the church, she doesn’t know about the friends thing yet. She though is very excited that Jesse kept a golf club in the store room, seriously I have so many questions right now. Sunday morning comes and Jesse is running a bit late, Eugene though wants to talk to him, but he winds up having Emily tell him to wait. Emily doesn’t seem entirely okay with all the changes going on, but she’s happy to see the church so busy. Jesse thanks her and Tulip, which gets a bit of a rise out of her. She tells him that she’s sending Eugene in instead of letting him start service. Eugene tells Jesse that he wants the preacher to have Mrs. Loach take back her forgiveness. He says that he doesn’t want to be forgiven because he doesn’t think God would want it like that. Jesse says that Eugene is hard to please and can’t figure out what makes him happy. The conversation gets very tense and Jesse gets angry. He shouts that he’s going to save the town and then tells Eugene that he doesn’t understand why he keeps coming to him. The boy says that he comes to him because he’s the preacher. Jesse is getting very full of religious vigor, which seems just exceptionally not good. Eugene tells him that his plan is wrong and that this is a sin. Then Jesse says something stupid, oh no I don’t mean he accidentally dropped a curse word or revealed the secret family chicken recipe, no he used his magic voice and ordered Eugene go to Hell. He sent the poor boy to Hell on accident! Then the mayor is shown on the phone with the head of the Green Acre Group and he’s by a burned out vehicle with the bodies of the people from the meeting in it. Not sure that’s what God wanted him to do, but at least Odin will be happy.


So much happened in that episode, I have so many questions about Tulip’s life and I am really worried about Eugene. Share your Preacher thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, my kleffnotes YouTube channel, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and I post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site.

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