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The latest Bones case was like an episode of Pink Panther that I found myself humming the theme song as I watched.

Hodgins (TJ Tyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin) are discussing his new physical therapist while on their way to work at The Jefferson. They notice that the place smells like a frat party took place there. Cam (Tamara Taylor) tells them that the stench is coming from the body of a female victim that they will be working on to determine cause of death.  Apparently this body was found in a waste recycling bin of old beer bottles at a recycling plant.

They put on their gloves and begin to get to work. When something moves, Hodgins reasons that it could be a small tremor earthquake. But the squint of the week, Daisy (Carla Gallo) later reasons that it could be a poltergeist.

The body of the murder victim was found with a diamond. Aubrey (John Boyd) and Booth (David Boreanaz) speak with Chadwick Gray (Tom Wisdom) from the Gemological Society, who explains that the diamond came from a replica of the Topkapi Dagger, which had been a Sultan’s before he gave it to Iran.  The dagger is worth well over a million dollars and had been stolen as it was to be part of a Crown Jewels of the World tour. Catching a jewel thief and a murderer excited Aubrey as he was an old police mystery movie buff and Cary Grant’s To Catch a Thief was one of his favorites.

But the case wasn’t the only thing on Booth’s mind.  He didn’t want to admit that he had been having trouble with his eyesight as he always had 20/20 vision. He was determine to prove to Brennan (Emily Deschanel) that his vision was the same as it had always been because admitting otherwise was the same as admitting he was getting old.

Angela, Brennan and Cami are having difficult identifying the victim. In walks French Inspector Rousseau (Sebastian Roche), who tells them the victim is Marquise de Chaussin and she was killed by her husband, the Marquis (Gilles Marini), a noted jewel thief he had been tracking.   But since the murder happened in the States, Inspector Rousseau had no jurisdiction to pursue it so he had to surrender his case files to Booth.

BONES: L-R: Guest star Sebastian Roche and David Boreanaz in the "The Jewel In the Crown" episode of BONES airing Thursday, July 14 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Patrick McElhenney/FOX


Booth and Aubrey head to the Marquis’ palatial estate and question him and the twenty-four grad student at the University of Virginia who works for him, Blake Masters.  Both deny any involvement in the Marquise’s death.

Meanwhile, things at the lab continue to move whenever Hodgins is around so he is forced to conclude, although reluctantly, that it must be a poltergeist.

Angela’s investigation uncovers photos of the Marquise with Inspector Rousseau and it looks like they were involved so Rousseau is called in for questioning.  He explains that he was trying to convince the Marquise that her husband was a noted jewel thief and his obsession with the Marquis was the reason he had been terminated from his position, information he had withheld from Booth and Aubrey.

When Aubrey learns that Blake had large deposits made into her bank account, they believe that the money was a payment from the Marquis and that the two of them had been having an affair.  But Blake tells him that the Marquis wasn’t the one having the affair but his wife.


The FBI’s further investigation of Chadwick Gray reveals that he sold jewelry at the first Paris shop that was robbed, which adds him to the suspects’ list.

Meanwhile, Aubrey catches Inspector Rousseau in the Marquis’ bedroom. He shows Aubrey the stolen dagger he found hidden under the bed so it’s starting to look like the Marquis is the murderer after all.

Daisy tells Hodgins that she believes that his involuntary muscle spasms at the lab has been causing the explained movements and not a spirit presence. He may be on the first step to walking again.

The Marquis tells Aubrey and Brennan that Blake, who is an expert in French antiquities, has been helping him to sell the family heirlooms to get back funds he lost over the years. And apparently, Chadwick Gray was his partner in crime in the jewel thefts.  But the blood found on the dagger points back to Gray, who the Marquise used to protect herself when he tried to attack her.  But Chadwick Gray did strangle her and planted the dagger under the Marquis’ bed so it looked like he was the murderer.


With the case solved, Booth helped Inspector Rousseau get this job back. And his eyesight returned to normal.  But Brennan liked him in the glasses and encouraged him to wear them (and nothing else) to bed.

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