Happy Birthday @RachelMiner1 via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural

If a crossroads demon can proclaim himself the King of Hell, the ever resourceful demon Meg Masters can reign as the Queen of Hell. Of course, Abbadon would have something to say about that. But I bet Meg would give the fiery redhead a run for her money.

Meg Masters is one of my all-time favorite Supernatural characters. I owe my adulation to the two very talented actresses who breathed life into Meg: Nicki Aycox and Rachel Miner.

Recasts are a tricky proposition. An actress assuming the role from a predecessor must walk that delicate tightrope between staying true to the character while at the same time giving her own distinct brand. Viewers are often unforgiving when a new actress takes over for a beloved performer. Nicki Aycox inspired a passionate fan base riveted by her work as Meg. Would Rachel Miner arise to the challenge?

We needn’t had worried. Through Rachel Miner’s talent, viewers witnessed a new interpretation of the character. Her Meg boasted a romantic dalliance with the Winchesters’ friend and angelic ally Castiel (Misha Collins), became a surprising asset for Team Winchester and challenged Crowley (Mark Sheppard) at every turn.

Rachel Miner shined on Supernatural and endeared herself to fans. Further, she is a compassionate and inspirational voice in social media.

Today July 29th is Rachel Miner’s birthday. I extend my very best wishes to her as she celebrates her special day with family and friends.

Here is a birthday poem that I just wrote for Rachel Miner:

A portrait in the sky, a birthday poem for Rachel Miner

The clouds knew my mission
The noblest of cause
As usually they are frenzied
Yet today with reverence they pause
With the sky
An endless landscape
I became most inspired by thoughts of you
I set to paint a portrait in the sky
A tribute to the beauty reflected in you
The colors from this portrait in the sky
Emotions formed the hues
A testament to your compassion and strength
Which clearly shine through
Even when you guard your pain
Even when you guard your sorrow
Your mind offers you the courage to realize
New possibilities arise with the sun tomorrow
A portrait in the sky
Created from my heart and mind
For I remain most grateful
For the inspiration of you
That I find
Alas the clouds will no longer wait
Eagerly they are swept away
But I smile pleased at my masterpiece
A beautiful portrait in the sky
In honor of your birthday

One thought on “Happy Birthday @RachelMiner1 via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural

  1. Rachel, 😀 🎂 2U 😀 🎂 2U 😀 🎂 Dear Rachel 😀 🎂 2U.

    For a woman play my favorite demon ever on TV you and person could not be more opposite you are an angel in real life thank you so much for tweeting back to me I don’t know if you ever understand what it meant to me I was getting real close to do and something real bad you just wrote to me that is the kindest most selfless most generous anybody has been 2me in Forever. I feel bad because it’s your birthday and you gave me a gift that I will never forget! I know I tend to repeat myself but I don’t know any other way to gratefully Express the hole you pulled me out of yesterday. You are a blessing and you were my blessing last night and on this day that you were born I can’t think of anything better to say then I’m so glad you’re in this world and you make a difference you make it a better place for other people who are hurting thank you and very very happy birthday with all my love and all my prayers!


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