DC’s Next Animated Movie! @DCComics via @luckynerdgirl

This last weekend I was shopping at Walmart when I discovered they had Batman: The Killing Joke for sale! I was so excited that I had to buy it. It was amazing, but we’ll save that for another article. After the movie was over, the special features menu popped up and there was a sneak peek look into DC’s next animated movie. 

The movie will be called Justice League Dark. If you haven’t heard about the Justice League Dark, you’ve probably been living in a cave deep in the Canadian wilderness. Just kidding, I honestly hadn’t heard about it either until the sneak peek.

What is the Justice League Dark, you ask? It is a group of unlikely heroes who use their abilities to take care of the more supernatural cases. You know, problems that the regular Justice League probably couldn’t handle (no offense Superman). In the original comic (released in November 2011) the League featured characters such as John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, the Changing Man, and Zatanna.

In the sneak peek, we see that John Constantine will be voiced by none other than my personal favorite, Matt Ryan. If that name sounds familiar, he played the live action version of Constantine in the television series that was cancelled after only one season. Fans will be ecstatic to find out that Matt will be returning to his role of John Constantine in the animated world!

DC hasn’t released too much information for the new animated film but I am extremely excited to see this one. I have always been a fan of DC’s darker stories. What do you think about DC’s next choice for animated feature? Are you excited? Worried? Let me know in the comments below!

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